CanMixs Smart Watch for Android iOS Phones

With a full screen touch and full HD screen this smartwatch brings you an amazing visual effects. You can sync your data for steps, calories burn and distance to your app so that you can analyze this data later. Now stay fit with CanMixs Smartwatch by monitoring your heart rate, sleep status right from your wrist. This watch moniors your sleep quality and then shows you the data on your phone App. No need to be near to your phone always when you have this Smartwatch, it will show you messages, call, cellphone app messages, email, calendar alerts. With 10 sports mode : walking, running, hiking, cycling, treadmill, fitness, mountaineering etc keep yourself fit. It has an amazing Remote camera feature, now you can take photo from your phone by shaking your smartwatch. Just open the camera on your phone and open the ‘H Band’ App on your watch. Find the shake camera function. Shake your smartwatch to take a photo. With all these amazing features this Smart Watch is totally worth it.

Salient Features:

Following are the features of CanMixs SmartWatch:

  1. It has a Fully circular display with 240*240 pixels resolution.
  2. This smartwatch case is made of Zinc alloy metal and band is made of soft silicone.
  3. It has a Smart Reminder for Call and Information.
  4. It has an Accurate Activity tracker that offers 10 data record modes such as Running, Cycling, Walking etc.
  5. This smartwatch can measure your blood pressure, heart rate and sleep.
  6. It has Sedentary reminder, pedometer, remote camera control, find smart watches, all day activity tracking, brightness adjustment, vibration alarm clock.
  7. It has IP67 Waterproof rating.
  8. It has a 200 mAh large capacity battery and can be used 7-10 days.
  9. This Smart Watch can support most Android and iOS phones.
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