Review of Google Nest Cam Security Camera (Outdoor)

The Nest Cam is a wired outdoor security camera. Beacause this camera is always plugged in so there is no fear of dead batteries beacause it is not relying on batteries. The cameras on batteries only records something when they sense motion or something.So, there is a chance they miss something so if they miss something you do too.So Nest Cam have advantage in this regard. With 2 pack of Nest Cam you can easily monitor the outside of your home.It covers whole front of your house. Nest Cam sensors capture videos at 1080p at 30fps.These cameras include magnetic mounts to ideally position to your demand.

Salient Features

This camera alerts you when something unsual happens in the vicinity of camera.It sends you a phone alert, email or send you a key image fom that event. You can also see photos of last three hours in case you have misssed an alert. You can subscribe to Nest Aware which with advanced cloud algorithms helps you pick out the activity you care about. It also has Person alerts, you get special alert if a person comes in the vicinity of camera. This camera produces a clear images at night.

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