ZOSI H.265+ Home Security Camera System

This security camera has an advanced H.265+ High-Efficiency Video Compression technology. You will get better image quality and storage space with ZOSI self-developed H.265+ video coding technology (1 TB Hard Drive included). This security camera provides your property perfect security with 8 channel 1080 FHD DVR recorder with 4 bullet cameras (you can add 4 more). It provides you with an 80ft night vision and 90-degrees view angle. The power and video provided to the camera with 60ft BNC+ DC CCTV cabling. By connecting the system to a monitor, you can easily control and view it. You can also access it remotely on mobile devices with ZOSI Client software. By customizing the motion detection zone for each camera, you can minimize the false alarms. You will get instant push notifications on your mobile devices remotely for any movement observed. Get the most benefit from this system by customizing each camera with different record modes.

Salient Features:

Following are the features of ZOSI Security Camera:

  1. It has an Advanced H.265+ High-Efficiency Video Compression.
  2. It has 8 channel 1080p FHD DVR recorder
  3. It has a 1080p bullet camera with a night vision and weatherproof.
  4. It has a 90-degrees viewing angle.
  5. It has a 60ft BNC+ DC CCTV cabling.
  6. It comes with 1TB security grade Hard Drive.
  7. It has an Advanced Motion Detection and 4 kinds of recording modes.
  8. It has a ZOSI Client software to access remotely.
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