How is mold bad for your health

How Bad is Mold for Your Health


You see in your homes and buildings that there is some kind of fungal infection on walls, pipes, and the floor. These fungal infections are molds and this destroys the construction of buildings and homes. Not only buildings these molds are bad for our human health as well. In this article, we will discuss what mold is, how it damages buildings and homes, how is mold bad for human health, and how can we get rid of it?

What are molds?

Molds are fungal infections that you see in your homes and buildings with different colors of growing molds on them. Molds need moisture as you see them mostly grow on roofs, pipes, windows, and in all the places where there is some kind of moisture and dust. Molds are small fungal microorganism that grows in any place.

Outdoors and indoors molds:

Two types of molds are present everywhere, outdoors and indoors. Outdoors molds need moisture and dust to grow; they grow in places such as near trees and flooding areas and falling areas are their food for growth. Indoor molds need carbon and moisture to grow and when they found moisture and carbon on buildings, they rapidly grow.

How does mold grow?

Molds can grow anywhere both outdoor and indoors; they just need their nutrients and then rapidly grow in numberWhen you hang clothes outdoor, molds can fly and come inside with the clothes and can find their moisture place and grow in numbers. It can also attach to shoes and outdoor things and come inside the buildings. It can also grow on wet cellulose materials such as paper products, wood, and ceiling tiles. Some other materials also support molds such as carpet, wallpaper, paint, dust, and fabric.

How people are affected by mold?

People who have respiratory problems are affected very badly by mold. When people who are allergic to molds are exposed front of molds then severe symptoms occur such as skin infections, eyes infections, stuffy nose, and wheezing. When asthma patients have exposed to mold then they feel difficulty breathing which causes severe health problems. Molds can cause acute idiopathic hemorrhage in infants that has not been proven properly but suspects are there so we can say that acute idiopathic hemorrhage happened due to exposure to the molds.

People who have different allergies are more sensitive to mold. People who suffer from immune suppression and lung diseases can immediately catch fungal infections. Those fungal-infected people feel difficulty in breathing and experience shortness of breath.

No clinical blood test is present to test mold infection. Although some physicians do allergic, test and understand the cause of infection through molds.

How to stay away from molds-safety measures:

Severe reactions occurred after allergic people have been exposed to molds. Molds are bad for human health and cause severe respiratory problems. We must take some precautions to protect ourselves from molds and for better health.

Humidity levels:

Molds have a direct relation to humidity as the more humidity and moisture in the air more rapidly molds can grow in this environment. Therefore, you have to control your humidity level as low as you can. The range between 30% and 50% of humidity is good for human health and it will control the growth of molds. Air conditioners can also help to control the humidity and moisture in the air.

Fixing leak areas:

Molds grow in leakage areas because that is highly moisture and fungus can rapidly grow in these leakage areas. So, you have to fix all the leakage areas like pipes, windows, and roofs. For the prevention of mold growth, you have to check all the leakage area and fix it to avoid their rapid growth there.


For better health, a Proper ventilation system has needed in our homes and in any building. Molds can rapidly grow in places where there is more moisture and less ventilation. Therefore, you have to put the proper ventilation system in your homes like having exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms that can pass air outside the house and make moisture levels down in your homes which is good for your health.

Cleaning and drying:

Cleaning plays an important role in humans’ better health, although cleaning is a necessity of life. By cleaning your homes and building, there is less chance of mold growth. When you daily clean your home, less dust will remain and molds cannot grow properly. Drying after flooding is also very important and necessary to prevent mold growth because more moisture areas have been created after flooding so you have to dry and clean the places after flooding. Avoid using carpets in rooms and bathrooms to prevent mold growth which is good for your health.


Molds are fungal microorganism that grows in indoor and outdoor wet moisture places. It damages the construction of your homes and buildings, as well as it is bad for human health. People who are suffering from lung cancers, asthma, and the respiratory disease when exposed to molds severe symptoms occurred like shortness of breathing, etc. so you must have to take some safety measures to prevent yourself from the drawbacks of molds and take steps to stop its rapid growth in your homes and elsewhere that is good for your health.

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