Bosch PL1632 electric hand planaes

7 Best Electric Hand Planer Reviews and Guide


Every skilled carpenter still keeps one or two wooden or metal hand planes in their workshop. These are great for projects and pieces of work that demand a delicate touch and finesse. The electric hand planer, on the other hand, is a motorized, more aggressive way of doing the same job faster and more efficiently without much elbow grease. We have compiled a list of the best Electric Hand Planer in this article.

They’re most commonly used when working with lumber that’s too large to fit into a standard thickness planer machine, such as when removing some thickness from doors that won’t close properly.

Despite painstakingly precise measurements and cuts, wood occasionally refuses to cooperate. Experienced DIYers see these frustrations all too often, whether it’s a door in an old house that sticks as it closes, a joist that is level but still too tall in comparison to the others, or a glue-up of boards that ended up just a tad too wide.

Although many of these repairs can be done with circular saws or other equipment, getting exact results can be difficult. The good news is that electric hand planers are designed specifically for these activities. However, because not all DIYers are aware of these specialized tools, determining which one is ideal for the project can be difficult.

An electric hand planer is an excellent tool for handymen, crafters, DIYers, and others. They can simplify a challenging task and free up time that might be better spent relaxing after a job well done. If you are still using an old-fashioned planer, it is time to upgrade to a buzzer.

Finding a good model can be difficult, whether you need a new one or are ready to try an electric option to speed up your work time. There are numerous brands and models to choose from, and navigating them without a guide is difficult.

Our crew, on the other hand, is here to help. We’ve identified the top ten electric hand planers on the market.
Each of the buzzers is described in detail below. We’ve discussed the power, weight, blade type, accessories (or lack thereof), and a variety of other factors.

Following the reviews, there is a buyer’s guide with additional tips on how to select the best model for your projects.

Best Electric Hand Planer 2023

Bosch PL1632 Electric Hand Planer
  • Reversible Bosch Woodrazor micro grain carbide blade.
  • Ball-joint cord swivel.
  • The spring-loaded stand elevates the tool.
  • Separate inch and metric depth scales.
  • Machined groove.
  • Poly micro-V drive belt.
Craftsman CMEW300 6 Amp Electric Hand Planer
  • SMOOTH CUTS: The electric hand planner’s heavy-duty 6 Amp motor provides smooth cutting in both hard and soft materials.
  • FAST MATERIAL REMOVAL: The hand planer has a fast material removal speed of 16,500 RPM.
  • ADDED CONTROL AND BETTER QUALITY FINISH: The 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe adds control and a higher-quality finish.
Makita 1806B
  • 15,000 RPMs.
  • 30,000 cuts per minute.
  • Multiple depth adjustments.
  • Lock-on button for continuous operation.
  • Sturdy sole plate.
  • Double insulation.
  • Comfort handle.
  • Swing-down blade protector.
DEWALT Hand Planer Kit (D26677K)
  • The electric hand planner’s powerful 5.5 amp motor produces a smooth, even finish in even the hardest woods.
  • The hand planer with 34,000 cuts per minute has a high removal rate.
  • 1/16-inch (1.5mm) maximum depth of cut.
  • Calibrated depth adjustment knob to 1/16-inch (1.5mm approximately).
Makita XPK02Z 18V LXT Cordless 3-1/4″ Planer
  • A brushless motor built by Makita delivers 12,000 RPM for faster stock removal.
  • Automatic Speed Change technology optimizes cutting speed and torque during the cut.

Bosch PL2632K 3-1/4 In. Planer Kit
  • 6.5 Amp motor producing 16,500 RPM. for fast stock removal and smooth finish.
  • Dual-mount guide fence.
  • Ambidextrous lock-off release button.
  • Aluminum front and rear shoes.
  • Ratcheting depth knob.
  • Ejection control.
  • Ball-joint cord swivel.
  • Reversible Bosch Woodrazor micro grain carbide blades.
Ryobi HPL52K Electric Hand Planer
  • This adaptability will allow you to tackle a wide range of woodworking projects with precision.
  • The grip’s rubber molding allows for precise handling even in slick conditions.
  • A lock-off button prevents accidental activation, saving you from destroying your work and causing damage to your equipment or yourself.

Bosch PL1632 Electric Hand Planer

Bosch, as one of the best power tool manufacturers, put a lot of thought into creating this PL1632 electric hand planer.

The Bosch PL1632 has a 6.5 Amp motor that spins the cutter head at a rate of 16500 rpm, which is more than enough to effectively cut and plane any type of wood.

It includes a dual-mounted fence and a protective shield, which work well together to make it easier to plane door edges.

The section of the fence that comes into contact with the wood/door face is covered with a plastic overshoe, which protects the door face from damage.

Setting depth adjustment is also simple, as the planer has a metric scaled depth adjustment knob that is easy to read and adjust.

Any machine must have a very good handle in order to be operated effectively.

As a result, the Bosch PL1632 electric planer handle is optimally angled to ease the tool’s forward motion and reduce fatigue for anyone using it.

The handle also has a soft rubber grip that makes it very comfortable to hold.

The Bosch PL1632, like most electric hand planers, has a spring-loaded stand that you can use to elevate the tool when you need to set it down and avoid damaging your material or the cutter head blades.

Setting up the tool is also quick and simple.

For added security, the Bosch PL1632 includes not only a lock-off button to prevent accidental startup, but also a lock-on button for extended use.

It comes with a dust collection bag, which (while quickly filling up) works effectively to collect the dust/shavings produced while working with it.

The PL1632 has a very nice feature in that the power cord swivels at the end, making it very easy to position the power cord and prevent damage.


  • The Bosch PL1632 is extremely durable, and it will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.
  • It’s also very effective because you can use it on any type of wood, hard or soft.
  • Another great feature of the Bosch PL1632 that I like is the ability to control the direction of the shavings. You can change the direction of the shavings by switching the dust port from left to right.


  • The Bosch PL1632 planer works flawlessly, but the carrying case could be improved.
  • To fit the planer into the case, you must disassemble the edge guide and then reassemble it when you need to use it.

Craftsman CMEW300 6 Amp Electric Hand Planer

Craftsman’s model CMEW300 electric hand planer is one of the best we tested in this list.
It includes everything you need to produce flawless finishes on boards of varying hardness and dimension.

It has a powerful 6 amp electric motor that allows it to easily cut through both hardwood and softwood.

The 6 amp motor generates a cutter head speed of up to 16,500 RPM for easy and quick material removal.

Controlling cut depth is simple with the over-molded depth control knob.

The depth control knob has ten positive stops and multiple depth settings for easy adjustment, and the rubber over mold makes it very comfortable to use.

The Craftsman CMEW300 has an 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe with a smooth and solid base that gives the operator a superior finish and control during work.

An appropriate shop vac can be connected on each side of the tool for easy dust collection and, ultimately, keeping the work area clean.


  • First and foremost, the CMEW300 is extremely powerful. With a 6 amp motor and a no-load speed of 16,500 RPM, it will cut through any wood with minimal effort.
  • Furthermore, the carbide blades ensure that the blades remain sharp for an extended period of time while working with it.


  • It could benefit from some additional accessories, such as a hard box for easy storage and transportation of the tool.

Makita 1806B

If you have enormous timber stocks that you cannot straighten using a jointer due to their size, there is one instrument that will assist you in getting the task done quickly. The Makita 1806B 10.9 Amps 6-3/4 inch electric planer is the model.

There are few hand planers that can compete with the Makita 1806B in terms of size and capacity.

If you choose a planer with a reduced width and depth capability, you will need to make a few more passes to plan particularly massive and rough lumber.

However, because of its shear size, width, and depth capacity, the Makita will require fewer passes.

The majority of electric hand planers you’ll find when searching for electric planers have 6.5 Amp to 7.5 Amp motors, however, the Makita 1806B has a monstrous 10.9 Amp engine that delivers 15000 revolutions per minute.

Enough force to brush through whatever is placed in its section.

It cuts through 6-3/4 inches of width and 1/16 inch of what you’re working on in one pass.

It has a very broad sole plate that provides more stability, making it quite easy to glide through anything you’re planning with it.

The blades are high-speed steel blades that work in tandem with the powerful motor to cut through whatever type of wood you ply it through.

The Makita electric planer’s cutting depth is very easy to modify because it has a depth adjustment dial with simple depth settings that are very clear and easy to read.

A good handle is essential for power tools like this, and Makita did not disappoint with the 1806B electric planer’s ergonomic handle, which is very comfortable to hold and work with.

Another useful feature is the lock-on button, which allows you to keep the plane running for as long as you want.

This Makita planer is ideal for professional construction framing, fine woodworking, and window and door installation.

Above all, whether it comes to electric planers or any type of planer, what is truly important is how smooth and polished the finished product is.
The Makita 1806B electric planer also performs admirably in this regard.

It produces smooth, polished finishes that any craftsperson would be proud of.

One thing you should expect is that the 1806B is heavy, which should come as no surprise given its size and design.


  • This is not your average electric planer. It’s an electric planer designed for the most difficult jobs and tasks.
  • If you have some large stocks to work with, this Makita will help you get through them quickly.
  • The depth adjustment is excellent, and the ergonomic handle allows you to operate it without becoming fatigued, despite its weight.
  • The finishing is excellent, and the tool is well-made.


  • The power cord that comes with it is a little stiff, which limits the planer’s movement.
  • It could use some wiggle room.

DEWALT Hand Planer Kit (D26677K)

DIYers and professionals searching for speed, quality, and adaptability should check into DeWalt’s Hand Planer Kit.

This planer has a 5.5-amp corded electric motor that can create 35,000 cuts per minute at 17,000 rpm. It also has a two-blade design with reversible blades for extended use.

This planer has a 3/14-inch cutting capacity and a depth of cut of up to 1/16-inch.

It also contains a front-mounted knob for depth changes and overall control, as well as an ergonomic grip designed to maintain the user’s wrist in a neutral posture.

The kit includes two extra blades, a fence, and a dust collection port. Unfortunately, no dust collection bag is included in the kit.


  • High top speed
  • The kit comes with extra blades and a fence
  • Ergonomic handle design


  • Doesn’t come with a dust collection bag

Makita XPK02Z 18V LXT Cordless 3-1/4″ Planer

Take a look at Makita’s XPK02Z 18V LXT cordless planer for a perfect example of the progression of electric hand planers.

This model includes all of the standard features, such as a 12,000-rpm brushless motor, a 3/14-inch cutting capacity, and a depth of cut of up to 18 inches.

The handle is ergonomically designed, and the twin-blade design is smooth.

However, it also includes several features that make this upgrading option worthwhile to consider.

This model includes Makita’s Bluetooth-enabled Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), which allows users to pair this device with a dust collection system to activate when the trigger activates the planer.

The result is quick dust collection without the need for additional wires and switches, making hand-planing a far more pleasurable experience.

However, keep in mind that this is a tool-only kit, which means it does not include a battery or charger, so users will need to use their existing stock of 18-volt LXT Makita batteries or purchase one separately.


  • Brushless motor for less maintenance and better power
  • 2-blade design
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Bluetooth-ready AWS


  • Tool-only purchase

Bosch PL2632K 3-1/4 In. Planer Kit

For those seeking a planer with built-in features and plenty of power, the Bosch PL2632K 3-1/4 In. Planer Kit could be the best option.

The 6.5-amp motor in this corded model operates the two-blade cutter head at 16,500 rpm, producing 33,000 cuts per minute.

It has a cutting width of 3/14 inches and a depth of cut of up to 3/32 inches.

There are several things to admire about this Bosch model.
For starters, despite its powerful 6.5-amp motor and long-lasting build, it weighs only 6.3 pounds.

It has a ball-swivel power cord that can adjust to the position of the aircraft without binding.

There are also spring-loaded feet and a chip ejection button to help direct the shavings.

The kit also includes extra blades, a guide fence, plastic fence shoes, a shavings collection bag, and a carrying case.

Keep in mind that, while slightly more expensive for a corded model, the features may make it worthwhile.


  • Ball-swivel power cord
  • Built-in spring-loaded feet
  • Chip ejection switch for directing the flow of chips


  • Slightly expensive for a corded model

Ryobi HPL52K Electric Hand Planer

This Ryobi electric hand planer is ergonomically built to help you work comfortably even when tackling challenging assignments.

The Ryobi HPL52K has a GRIPZONE rubber over mold that allows you to handle the planer even when it is wet.

It has a 6 amp motor that produces up to 16,500 revolutions per minute, allowing you to tackle a wide range of woodworking projects.

The Ryobi HPL52K makes depth adjustments a breeze, with 1/96-inch depth increments from 0 to 1/8 inch.

The planer has a 6-foot cord for convenience and ease of use, giving you a wide range of space and allowing you to cover a large area with the planer without the need for an extension cord.

It also has dual exhaust ports on both sides of the planer, allowing you to choose which side of the planer you want to blow out chips and dust depending on where you stand while operating it.

The Ryobi HPL52K also includes a lock-off button to prevent accidental activation of the machine and subsequent damage to the work piece, the planer machine, or even yourself.

Overall, this Ryobi electric hand planer has all of the features you need to handle any hand planing project, and it produces excellent results.


  • Warranty duration is long
  • Depth adjustment is very good


  • Expensive price tag
  • Motor capacity is comparatively lower

Buying guide for the Best Electric hand planer

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Electric Hand Planer

Electric hand planers are a specialized instrument, despite the fact that many DIYers and woodworkers are familiar with simple hand planers. In contrast to traditional hand planes, which have a single razor-sharp blade that slices paper-thin slivers off a board, the best electric hand planers use high-speed cylindrical blades that rip off tiny bits of wood. That is not the only distinction between them, as the following sections will demonstrate.


Using electric hand planers instead of manual tools to trim door edges, joists, and boards speeds up the operation. Electric hand planers are available in corded and cordless varieties, with amazing motor speeds.

Corded electric hand planers

Units range from lighter-duty 5-amp variants to heavier-duty 8-amp models. They can achieve speeds of up to 20,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and will always have electricity as long as there is an outlet nearby.

Cordless electric hand planers

It’s all about comfort. Their electric motors are powered by rechargeable batteries (usually 18 volts or 20 volts, depending on the brand) and may reach speeds of up to 16,000 or 17,000 rpm. Despite having significantly slower speeds, many cordless electric hand planers have brushless motors and computerized controls, allowing them to match the heavy-duty output of some corded counterparts.


Keep in mind that there is a difference between rotations per minute and cuts per minute. Cuts per minute are the number of times the blades make contact with the wood in one minute, whereas revolutions per minute are the number of times the engine rotates entirely in one minute. To calculate the motor speed, divide the number of blades by the number of cuts per minute.

Cutting Capacity

Electric hand planer buyers should be aware of two cutting capacities: cutting width and cutting depth.
Cutting width refers to the blade’s capacity, whereas the depth of cut refers to how much wood the planer removes with each pass.

Electric hand planers have a total cutting capability of 314 inches. This capacity is suitable for framing timber, heavy doors, tabletops, and the majority of other wood products. Larger cutting capacities (sometimes exceeding 6 inches) are available, but they are typically best suited for heavy-duty applications such as timber framing.

The depth of cut is possibly more important than the cutting width. Some electric hand planers can remove up to 18 inches of surface material in a single pass. However, this is often far too aggressive, so electric hand planers allow the user to dial in the depth of the cut in much smaller increments.


The number of planer blades in electric hand planers varies. Some models may have only one planer blade, which will do the job but may result in a choppy finish and/or increased vibration. Models with two or three blades produce a smoother finish and produce less vibration. The most common are two-blade models.

Electric hand planer blades are typically carbide-tipped, making them durable enough for a variety of applications. They will, however, wear down over time, and some types can be difficult to sharpen. Fortunately, they’re simple to replace, and there are plenty of carbide-tipped replacement blades available.

Weight and Handle

Electric hand planers are not new, and some older ones weighed as much as 20 pounds. This made them a real handful, making controlling the cut toward the end of the board difficult. Compact variants today weigh less than half as much as previous ones, often weighing between 5 and 10 pounds, making them much simpler to hold for repeated passes.

Furthermore, contemporary electric hand planers have ergonomic top handles that place the user’s wrist at a neutral angle. Most electric hand planers have knobs on the front that allow the operator to regulate the depth of cut and maintain consistent pressure when planing. Many of these handles will have rubber coatings to help dampen vibration and improve the user’s grip.

Fence, Kickstand, and Additional Features

Additional features to look for in the best portable planer are listed below. Adjustable, attachable fences make directing and controlling a hand planer much easier since they keep the planers from wandering.
Because it is very simple for a DIYer or professional to take off more material than intended, these fences can make a significant impact.

Also, to get the most out of a planer’s blades, look for one with a kickstand. When the planer isn’t in use, the kickstand keeps the blades off the worktable’s surface, allowing them to stay sharper for longer and preventing them from gouging the material.

Dust collecting bags, a chip deflection switch that lets the user determine the direction in which the chips fly, and even retractable feet in place of a kickstand are possible features.


What materials work with an electric hand planer?

A hand planer should only be used on wood products, though the species of wood can range from pressure-treated pine to high-end, exotic species like Brazilian walnut or cherry.

Can an electric hand planer be used as a joiner?

A hand planer can be used to plane boards flat, but the bases are too short to serve well as a joiner.
However, some people make stands to hold their planers in a place like joiners, which is unsafe and not recommended.

Can an electric hand planer be used as a thickness planer?

Yes, it is possible to plane a board to thickness with a hand planer, but it is extremely difficult to achieve consistent results like those obtained with benchtop thickness planers.

How is an electric hand planer different from a belt sander?

Belt sanders use large strips of sandpaper to grind wood off the surface. Hand planers use blades that cut wood more quickly and aggressively.

Are electric hand planers safe to use?

When used incorrectly, electric hand planers can be deadly. They travel at great speeds and might be difficult to manage. Hand planers, on the other hand, are no more dangerous than circular saws or any other power tool as long as the user has a firm grip on the tool, wears the appropriate personal protection equipment, understands how to use a portable planer, and works carefully.

Final Word

So, this is it for this article all the options you are seeing above are all good. you can choose whatever hand planer you like in this list but, if you are still having problems then those who are hunting for a top-notch electric hand planer may appreciate the DeWalt Hand Planer Kit for its high speed and ergonomic design.