Camera Lens:Why Camera Lens important

Camera Lens:Why Camera Lens important

I purchased a DSLR Camera, Why should I purchase a Lens? Well, Lens is the most important part of the camera, the lens determines the quality of the image. Yes, it's right, the lens plays the most important part in improving image quality. Better the lens, better the image quality. The lens is in far more control than the camera body, it's because aperture, focal length, and sharpness are all dictated by the lens. The best camera in the World cannot give you a quality image with a poor quality lens.

So for understanding why the lens is so important let's discuss how the lens works. The camera lens is complicated and is made up of several different lens elements. Each element affects the light in different ways. So, let's study how light interacts with the lens. When the light hits the front surface of the lens it passes through the glass element. As light rays bend if they enter glass at any angle other than 90 degrees according to the law of refraction. By using glasses of different shapes in the lens the light rays can be channeled in a specific direction. So, a photographic lens is not a single piece of lens. It is a combination of lenses, so we call it an objective lens or an objective lens. Great lens manufacturers use high-quality materials and the latest techniques to minimize any chromatic aberration, distortion, or vignetting.

Your camera alone is nothing:

Its different lenses enable you to shoot at different conditions and subjects. For low light, you need a lens with a wide aperture. For covering sports events or taking shots of animals telephoto lens is ideal. For best landscapes, you need a different lens and for portraits, you need different likewise. Lense can also help in Image Stabilisation that can remove the majority of the vibrations. But make sure to get the perfect match of the lens with your camera. Not every lens is perfect for every camera. If buying a lens you should find out what the equivalent focal length is, it will help you select the correct lens.

Well, not all lenses are perfectly made, they have a smaller or greater amount of distortion.There are two types of distortions Barrel distortion and Pincushion distortion. But as technology improves new modern lenses have much fewer distortions than older lenses. Hence lenses are very important for cameras if you want quality shots.