How to Choose a SmartWatch - Best SmartWatch

How to Choose a SmartWatch - Best SmartWatch

This article will help you in choosing the best Smart Watch for you. Be sure to read the full article, it will help you to pick the best Smartwatch for you.

How to pick a Smartwatch?

Well, it is not easy to select a good Smart Watch, when there are a lot of options available. Not all Smart Watches available are good in every aspect. There a lot of things to be considered in a smartwatch. The most important is surely the display screen of the SMartWatch. Yes, it is the most important thing to consider in a Smartwatch. The display should be clear, bright, and can easily be viewed in any light conditions. It could be a full touch display or not. The other important thing is its compatibility with other devices. It should have an extended compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Features of a good Smartwatch:

Smartwatches also have many interesting features like Heart rate monitor, different main interfaces of the watch, Sports mode, Contactless payments, sleep monitoring, GPS, Weather icon, Smart Screen saver, and much more. But not all watches have all these features together. So, you have to decide what features you want and then to search the watch with the respective features. If you want to search for the best Smartwatch you can visit this link here. Just don't go with the best features only. Smartwatch is meant to look good, so the Smartwatch you are choosing should be good looking and should also be comfortable on your wrist. The following are the features that I would suggest:

  1. It should have an AMOLED display
  2. It should be waterproof
  3. It should have a full touch Screen
  4. Both Android and iOS compatible
  5. A good heart-rate sensor
  6. It should have a good amount of internal storage
  7. A good Smartwatch should have built-in GPS
  8. A good battery life of up to 10 days
  9. It should have any voice Assistant
  10. It should have different Main Screen Interfaces
  11. It should have multiple Sport Modes

But not all Smart Watches have all these features combined as I already mentioned earlier. These are the features that you can consider in a Watch before buying. There are many more options a Smartwatch can offer, I didn't list them all. But if you find these features in a Smartwatch, you can blindly go for it. But make sure the price is reasonable.

CanMixs SmartWatch

What should be the size of SmartWatch?

Well, Smartwatches are available in a variety of sizes, there are very large display smartwatches available. But I won't prefer a very large display because it looks odd on the wrist. If you have a skinny wrist, do not ever go for a large display watch; It will look awful. But the display should also not be very small. I prefer a 1.3-inch display, but that's my preference. Its size should be that much to get the attention of others. The style and design matter more than size. Some people prefer round-shaped Smart Watches and some prefer a square-shaped Smart Watche.

Cheap Smart Watch or Expensive Smart Watch?

Well, of course, expensive Smart Watches have more features, more durable. But it doesn't mean that all cheap Smartwatches have fewer features or not durable. There are plenty of cheap Smart Watches that have really good features and are durable. Many local brands offer very cheap SmartWatches, I suggest you not to go for any cheap Brand without proper research. So, if you have a low budget you can find good Smart Watch at a cheap price. If you are looking for cheap Smartwatches you can visit the link SmartWatch

Can Girls wear the same Smartwatch as Boys?

Yes, Girls can wear the same Smartwatch. Because Smartwatches are not meant for any specific gender. They are designed in a way that both male and female can wear it. Yes, there are many Smartwatches labeled for Girls. But I would prefer you not to go for a gender-specific watch. Any Smartwatch can look good on a female wrist. I would prefer a small display screen Smart Watches for the girl's wrist.

Why chose Smartwatch over Ordinary Watch?

Because Smartwatch can also look like an ordinary watch with different main Interfaces of Watch. You can have Smart Phone notifications on your Smartwatch. You do not need to be always near to your Smart Phone when you have SmartWatch on your wrist. Smartwatch also helps you keep healthy with different sports modes, heart rate monitors, and many other features. Mostly Smartwatches are Water Resistant, so no tension of going for swimming with watch over your wrist. We are living in a digital world, so why not our Watch should be digital and smart?

Do all Smart Watches have Speaker?

Not all Smart Watches have a speaker, but there are some watches with Voice Assistant. Those watches which have voice Assistant have mostly speakers e.g Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch by Google has Google Assistant, so this watch has a built-in Speaker.

Which SmartWatch has the best Compatibilty?

Well, there are many Smartwatches with wide compatibility. But as Apple watches are more compatible with an iPhone and don't work perfectly with Android devices. Similarly, Samsung Watches work best with Samsung phone but they also work fine with other Android devices. The Smartwatches with Wear OS are the most versatile. They work fine with all Android devices, but it has some limitations with the iPhone.

What are Sports Watches?

Well, there are no officially labeled Sports Watches But there are many Smartwatches that can go in this Category. For example, many "Garmin Watches" can be perfectly categorized as Sports Watch. They are mostly rugged and bigger than other Smartwatches and are more focussed on navigation and another activity tracking. Other watches are more focussed on digital assistants or mini-apps.

How do SmartWatches measure Heart Beat?

Well, today mostly Smartwatches measure your heartbeat. These Heart Rate sensors found in SmartWatches use photoplethysmography (PPG) to calculate the Heartbeat rate. As blood is flowing through your wrist, these sensors measure the amount of blood flowing. On the back of the Watch, there are green LED's that flashes hundreds of time in a second. This green light doesn't absorb by the tissues beneath the skin and is reflected in the sensor. Then it measures the variations to calculate the Heart Rate.

Is the SmartWatch Waterproof?

Mostly all Smart Watches are Waterproof. But their Water Resistant rating varies. Some Smartwatches have good Water Resistant Rating and some have not a good rating. You should first check the Water-resistant rating of a SmartWatch before buying. There is no watch completely Waterproof, it is impossible to e 100% Water Resistant. The Water Resistant rating shows the level of Protection. Water Resistant Rating is from: Ipx0(Not Protected) - Ipx9(Maximum Protected).

Best SmartWatches:

We have selected some good Smartwatches for you to choose from. These are the best rated Smart Watches with very good features and a reasonable price.

Garmin Venu Smart Watch

Garmin SmartWatch

This SmartWatch has a beautiful and Bright touchscreen display.This Smartwatch is expensive, but its features really worth it. See full detail here

Popglory Smart Watch

Popglory SmartWatch

This SmartWatch has a round full touch screen. I personally like this SmartWatch design. See full detail here

COULAX Smart Watch

COULAX SmartWatch

This is a very beautiful SmartWatch with very good features. See full detail here