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Best Surge Protector for Refrigerator Reviews

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We will discuss the best surge protector for refrigerator in this article. We all rely on electrical equipment for day-to-day activities, whether it’s a refrigerator for some calming chilled drink in the summer or a refreshing rush of cool breeze to feel better in the super-humid heat.

A compressor is one feature that all of these appliances share. But because of the tiny difference in how it operates and the high voltage required, we must use them carefully.

The refrigerator or air conditioner needs a very high voltage to turn on each time the compressor turns on. The excessive voltage in this situation can harm your gadget in a matter of seconds.

In addition, power surges—even those caused by lightning and adverse weather—are rather typical. Power surges are unavoidable, but we may find a way to minimize the harm they cause. Therefore, it is essential to prevent your electrical gadgets from serious harm.

Surge protectors are the most practical choice to make in order to prevent such harm and loss. You won’t have to be concerned about inclement weather or voltage changes if you have a surge protector.

A refrigerator is significantly more delicate and vulnerable to damage from things like electrical surges than the majority of other appliances and devices in your home. Thanks to the following characteristics, you can simply safeguard your refrigerator from these problems by utilizing something like the best surge protectors for refrigerators listed below:


It’s crucial to examine a surge protector’s wattage rating to make sure it can support the electrical load of your refrigerator. You can choose among ratings of 1200 watts, 1400 watts, 1800 watts, and others for the same appliance, but a higher rating is always preferable for handling larger refrigerators.

The number of Surge Protectors:

You will require many surge protectors for the same, regardless of whether you have multiple refrigerators in your house or wish to utilize one with your washing machine as well. Because of this, many surge protectors are sold in packs of 2, 3, or even 4.

Delay Timer:

To avoid any further damage or problems in the event of an electric surge, it is advised to power on your refrigerator after some wait. Therefore, practically all surge protectors for refrigerators have a delay period that, in most situations, ranges from 30 to 3 minutes, with at least 30 seconds of delay being highly advised.

Even if all these factors are quite significant when thinking about surge protectors for refrigerators, there are still other factors you should consider before making a purchase. To enable you to purchase the best surge protectors for refrigerators by the end of this listicle, all the best surge protectors for refrigerators offered here have their important factors and specifics thoroughly explained along with a complete “Buying Guide.”

Best Surge Protector for Refrigerators

Nippon Surge Refrigerator
  • Offers a maximum power rating of up to 1800 watts
  • Comes with 4 surge protectors in the box
  • Rated delay timer of up to 3 minutes
Exceline Surge Protector
  • Offers a maximum power rating of up to 1440 watts
  • Comes with 1 surge protector in the box
  • Rated delay timer of up to 30 seconds
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
BSEED Surge Protector
  • Offers a maximum power rating of up to 3250 watts
  • Comes with 2 surge protectors in the box
  • Rated delay timer of up to 3 minutes
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
Miavolt Refrigerator Surge Protector
  • Offers a maximum power rating of up to 1800 watts
  • Comes with 2 surge protectors in the box
  • Rated delay timer of up to 3 minutes
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
Netcom Lab Surge Protector
  • Offers a maximum power rating of up to 1800 watts
  • Comes with 1 surge protector in the box
  • Rated delay timer of up to 3 minutes
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

Nippon Surge Refrigerator

The premium company Nippon America offers a variety of power accessories and items that are excellent for heavy-duty use, including the surge protector for refrigerators that are listed here.

Our Nippon America refrigerator surge protector is ranked first in this article because it is the best choice for heavy usage. The power rating of this surge protector is up to 1800 watts, which is substantially more than any other alternative. The fact that this surge protector comes in a pack of 4 makes it ideal for use with numerous refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, which is the finest thing about it.

Nippon America has added a standard delay timer with it that can last up to 3 minutes in order to provide your refrigerators with even more adequate protection. This refrigerator surge protector does not come with a guarantee, though, which may be a problem for some people.

WATTAGEUp to 1800 watts


  • Perfect surge protector for heavy-duty usage
  • Features a large pack for multiple appliances
  • Handy LED lights and included timer function


  • Misses out on a manufacturer’s warranty

Exceline Surge Protector

Another Exceline surge protector for refrigerators is included in this list, and due to its adaptable design, it might be yet another fantastic choice for many consumers.

For individuals who want to connect more than just their refrigerator to their surge protector, Exceline’s surge protector for refrigerators may be the best choice. Due to its three AC outlet architecture, which is equivalent to having numerous surge protectors in the box, this is made possible. You receive a respectable power rating of up to 1440 watts for optimum protection of your refrigerator when it comes to performance.

Although compared to other solutions at its pricing, its provided delay timer of up to 30 seconds is a little less generous. Despite this, the 3-year guarantee that comes with the surge protector for the refrigerator proves that it is still quite strong and dependable.

WATTAGEUp to 1440 watts


  • Highly versatile design with 3 AC outlets
  • Fairly powerful and secure for most refrigerators
  • Great warranty and build quality for peace of mind


  • The Delay timer could have been longer

BSEED Surge Protector

Since Bseed is largely renowned for producing industrial-grade electrical goods and appliances, its surge protector for refrigerators also employs a unique installation style.

If you want a heavy-duty surge protector installed by your professional, the Bseed surge protector for refrigerators may be a good choice. This is made possible by the great wattage rating of up to 3250 watts that has been provided. Additionally, the fact that there are two of these surge protectors included in the box makes it much more useful.

This surge protector for refrigerators includes a delay timer with a maximum of three minutes, just like other typical models. Another similarity between this surge protector and others is that it comes with a three-year guarantee for your peace of mind.

WATTAGEUp to 3250 watts


  • Superb wattage rating for heavy-duty usage
  • Great warranty and build quality for longevity
  • Handy delay timer for proper protection


  • Not the easiest option for installing by yourself

Miavolt Refrigerator Surge Protector

If you’re looking for a surge protector that is both practical and affordable, you might want to have a look at the relatively newer Miavolt brand.

Due to its specified performance numbers at an entry-level price tag, the Miavolt surge protector for refrigerators is one of the best values available. With this surge protector, you specifically receive a relatively high power rating of up to 1800 watts. And even though it’s a basic model, the box still comes with two of these surge protectors.

This high-performance surge protector has a 3-minute delay period much like the majority of them. Although this surge protector comes with a 3-year guarantee, its build quality is a bit mediocre, which is understandable given its low price.

WATTAGEUp to 1800 watts


  • Superb value for the money surge protector
  • Quite great for heavy-duty usage
  • The decently long warranty period for your peace of mind


  • Not the best-built surge protector for refrigerators

Netcom Lab Surge Protector

If you have a limited budget and need something economical that is still useful and effective for use with your refrigerator, you may also take a look at Netcom’s surge protector models.

One of the best inexpensive surge protector solutions is the COV-32050 from Netcom, which is designed for refrigerators. It comes with a unique 3-AC outlet design in addition to having 2 USB ports, making it even more useful. This surge protector has a power rating of up to 1800 watts to make sure you can make the most of all of its AC outlets.

As you may anticipate, this surge protector also includes a delay timer function with a maximum duration of three minutes. Although this surge protector comes with a convenient 3-year warranty, its construction could have been better.


  • Great affordable and value-for-money surge protector
  • Versatile design with multiple AC outlets and USB ports
  • Pretty high wattage rating for heavy-duty usage


  • Average build quality compared to premium options

What To Consider Before Buying A Surge Protector

You want your refrigerator to endure as long as possible because they are not inexpensive appliances. This also means safeguarding your surge protector from any potential problems or harm brought on by electrical surges.

Getting something like the best surge protectors for refrigerators listed above in this article is one simple approach to guarantee this. Along with these different surge protectors, we have also included well-explained information on their characteristics and specs. You can read the comprehensive buying guide for the top surge protectors for refrigerators if you’re still curious to learn more:

Number of Sockets

You’ll probably need two outlets if you have two refrigerators side by side. A multi-plug extension lead could still function with a surge protector with a single socket, but it won’t be optimal because it will cost more and take up more room. Therefore, when purchasing a refrigerator surge protector, be careful to plan out the necessary number of sockets.

Joule Rating

Your refrigerator’s surge protector’s joule rating describes how much electricity it can withstand. Better protection equates to a higher joule rating.

So how much surge protection do you require in joules? What you’re protecting—a PC, a refrigerator, or even an entire house—determines the response.

Here are some general suggestions for joule rating:

  • For tiny devices, a unit with up to 1000 joules of surge protection is sufficient.
  • For refrigerators, washers and dryers, office supplies, and power tools, a surge protector with 1000 to 2000 joules will be adequate protection.
  • For pricey game consoles, home theatre systems, and any computer that holds crucial data, take into account the highest joule rating (2000+). anything that costs a lot of money or cannot be replaced.

Therefore, search for a surge protector for your refrigerator with a joule rating between 1000 and 2000.

Response Time

The surge protector requires some time to restart itself after each surge. Even if the response times of all surge protectors are in the millisecond range, it is still a good idea to check them out beforehand.

Clamping Voltage

The voltage range at which the surge protector begins to stifle an excessive current flow is known as the clamping voltage. The surge protector uses this measurement to establish the point at which it must start absorbing excess current.

The clamping voltage of surge protectors typically ranges from 200 to 240V. For electrical appliances in a home, a surge protector with a clamping voltage of more than 240V is not recommended.

Indicator Light

A surge protector’s indicator light shows the power supply passing through it as well as the protection status. They, therefore, favor products with built-in indicator lights.

Other Factors

You can consider a number of additional criteria while selecting the finest surge protector for refrigerators. Whether it is waterproof, for instance. The surge protector will also be durable if it has features like temperature resistance, overload protection, fire resistance, and lightning resistance.


A surge protector for refrigerators is designed to shield your refrigerator from electrical surges, but it must also be dependable and strong enough to survive them. Fortunately, you can quickly confirm this by looking at the warranty that comes with your refrigerator surge protector. Surge protectors for refrigerators typically come with a 3 or 5-year warranty, both of which are excellent for long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Joules Do I Need for A Refrigerator Surge Protector?

In addition to the number of outlets, cable length, and other features to look for in the ideal surge protector, the Joules rating is also important.

The refrigerator’s joule rating serves as a guarantee of how much energy it can use before breaking down. So a good joule rating also guarantees a longer lifespan for the surge protector.

The quality of the Surge protector is also determined by the Joule Rating. Any electrical item that fits into an AC outlet well is already equipped with a surge protector, thus additional surge protectors are not necessary. A surge protector is not necessary for household items like a table lamps or a blender. But a surge protector is advised for the remaining appliances.

The ideal surge protector will offer the necessary protection and have a 1000–2000 joule rating. The joule rating of some high-power surge protectors, however, can reach above 2000.

For instance, multiplying a residential refrigerator’s 200 W average power by five gives us 1000 W. This means that a refrigerator requires 1000W to start, so a surge protector with a value of 1000 joules or above will be adequate for your refrigerator.

Can A Power Surge Ruin A Refrigerator?

An abrupt increase in the electrical current in your home is known as a power surge. Your home appliances can be completely destroyed by a power surge that lasts even a thousandth of a second.

Nothing different about the refrigerator. It is susceptible to damage from a power surge because it has a motor and a compressor. Your refrigerator may have been making a continual start and stopping the noise. Its compressor produces sound. At regular intervals, the compressor starts and stops continuously. For this, a strong electric current with power in the thousands of joules is needed.

How Can I Protect My Appliances from Power Surges?

Nearly all large, heavy electric appliances, not only refrigerator, are vulnerable to harm from power surges.

The ideal strategy is to utilize a stabilizer during a power surge in order to shield your appliances from them. In this manner, the stabilizer can be applied to electrical devices that are most vulnerable to harm from high-power supplies. Additionally, it is a cheap approach to safeguard your equipment.

The installation of an uninterruptible power supply is the next thing you can do. Your appliances won’t sustain damage from power surges if your power supply doesn’t fluctuate repeatedly. However, it will be a somewhat pricey method.

Using a surge protector is the final and, in our opinion, the finest solution to safeguard your appliances. There are many different types and joule ratings of surge protectors. One of the cheapest and most dependable tools for protecting your electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations is a surge protector.

In addition, you can choose from the most recent refrigerator models that have built-in safety measures and are energy-efficient.


You would want your refrigerator to remain functional for as long as possible, whether you recently purchased a new refrigerator for your home or have been using one for quite some time. It is crucial that you take precautions against any potential electric surges for the same reason. Fortunately, you may easily protect your refrigerator by using something like the best surge protectors for refrigerators listed above.

In order to assist you in choosing the best surge protector for refrigerators, we have included all the key characteristics and customization choices for each model.

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