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Best Smart Curtain Reviews and Buying Guide


Every day that goes by, managing your home gets easier since you may simplify your life by having a smart home. The majority of tasks, such as dishwashing, vacuuming, and now opening and closing your curtains, can be completed by machines. Because you can choose how much light you want to let into your room and you don’t have to walk up to the window, smart curtain save time.

Since technology has grown so much, practically every element of our everyday life has become simpler and more effective. Nowadays, everything is mechanized!

The elderly and others with disabilities who have trouble rising up, sitting, or raising their arms might also benefit from these electric drapes. However, there are a variety of attractive curtains available on the market from various manufacturers, and their number is expanding daily.

Smart appliances’ main goal is to make your life easier by requiring less effort and time to complete routine chores. Up until recently, high-end electrical devices like refrigerators, TVs, microwaves, and other comparable options were the only ones with smart versions. However, even the most basic things, like water valves and even curtains, can now be found with a smart option.

With the use of specialized smartphone app control and other smart access possibilities, these devices are intended to simplify and automate daily duties. Currently, smart curtains are particularly well-liked on the market because they provide many fantastic characteristics.

Customizable Rod Size:

If you’ve ever bought a set of curtains, you know how difficult it can be to find the right fit for your window size. The same is true for your smart curtains, as each gadget has a curtain rod size restriction that must fit your windows.

Smart Features:

To receive the greatest and most interesting smart features, consumers should get smart curtain sets rather than standard curtains. Therefore, for smart curtains, this is an aspect that is very important. Even if you choose a less expensive alternative, consider the smart features the set comes with.


Given that a set of smart curtains is motorized and has numerous moving parts, the warranty is a crucial consideration. The performance of the curtains can be fully stopped by even little damage to any of these, reducing them to conventional curtains unless the injured portion is replaced.

Smart curtains are simple smart gadgets that give you voice-activated commands with improved alternatives and remote access to your curtains. You’ll be happy to know that we offer the greatest smart curtains available right here if you’re interested in purchasing a set for yourself. Based on the qualities given above, these options were narrowed down. Along with that, we also took into account a few other elements, which are detailed in our “Buying Guide” for the best smart curtains.

Best Smart Curtain of 2023

Graywind Motorized Blackout Smart Curtain
  • Unique fabric design
  • 100% light-blocking curtains
  • High-speed motor with low noise performance
  • Rod size can be up to 158 inches
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and IFTTT
  • 2 years warranty period
SimpleSmart – Remote Control Smart Curtain Tracks
  • Value for the money option
  • Rod size can be up to 158 inches
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa
  • Supports scheduling
  • String free design
  • 2 years warranty period
Curtain Call Smart Curtain
  • The process of motorization is quiet.
  • It is versatile as it allows the curtain system to center open, right pull, or left pull.
  • The curtain track is custom-made for your specific order.
  • Very durable and a great addition to your space.
  • It can be operated manually in case of a blackout.
Quoya Smart Curtain System
  • Offers 8 smart features
  • Automated functionality
  • Rod size can be up to 118 inches
  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa
  • 3 years warranty period
Arcwares Smart Curtain System
  • Attractive design
  • Customizable curtains
  • 3-button remote control
  • Rod size can be up to 86 inches
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and smartphone app
  • Manual control is provided

Graywind Motorized Blackout Smart Curtain

The best smart curtains on the market are being offered to you by Graywind. You’ll adore the craftsmanship and quality that Graywind put into this device.

Along with incredibly useful and long-lasting hardware, Graywind’s Motorized Blackout Curtain Set also comes with a curtain of comparable quality. The curtain is constructed from a distinctive material that provides about 100% light blocking for a fully dark space. It is therefore ideal for gaming and entertainment areas.

When it comes to the set’s functioning, it has a top-notch adjustable motor that can track the position according to the user’s preferences. It is a quick and quiet motor that is appropriate for sleeping settings.

The Graywind Motorized Blackout Curtain Set still has manual control for easier access even if it is WiFi-powered. You can use Alexa, Google Home, and other smart access devices for wireless access. You can couple up to six curtain sets with the one remote control that comes with the kit, covering all of the installed curtains in your home.

Before placing an order, you can customize it and confirm the alternatives offered by Graywind. The Graywind Motorized Blackout Curtain Set is covered by a 2-year warranty.


  • High-quality built-in motor
  • Manual operation during power cuts
  • 6 curtain sets can be controlled with 1 remote


  • Very expensive choice considering the whole house installation

SimpleSmart – Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks

We are presenting a smart curtain from SimpleSmart that is generally cost-effective. You will be impressed by the SimpleSmart curtain’s clever features and ease of use.

The SimpleSmart Remote Control Electric Curtain is our final selection for the best smart curtain. This product comprises a 158-inch rod with a clever drape rail mechanism that allows for simple and practical use. Motorized rods that are operated by remote control provide very quick and smooth movement for the draperies.

You may easily pair it with your Alexa or Google Home-enabled smart speaker system for immediate voice access if you don’t want to use the remote constantly. A mobile application is now available that provides comprehensive smart features including automation and scheduling.

The curtains have no strings connected, making them fully child-safe. The SimpleSmart Remote Control Electric Curtain gives you direct control over the device’s scheduling, enabling you to fully automate your house. With the app, you may program a specific time for the draperies to open and close, which will happen automatically. All of these advantages are yours in addition to the dependability of a two-year warranty from SimpleSmart.


  • Rod size is sufficient for domestic installation
  • Special attention has been given to child safety
  • Many modern smart features such as voice access


  • The warranty period should have been longer

Curtain Call Smart Curtain

Curtain Call Motorized Curtains must be included on the list since, in addition to enhancing the ambiance, they may operate three separate curtains with a single remote control and enable sophisticated decorations with just one button. With a flexible installation that may be done on a wall or a ceiling with ceiling brackets included in the order, they provide ease, elegance, and comfort. The track operates silently and can carry a lot of weight, making it ideal for heavy draperies.

Unlike some solutions on the market, these drapes come with a highly sensitive remote control that operates within a 100-meter range and doesn’t require a long press to send a signal to your windows. These characteristics make them perfect for the elderly and the disabled, as they eliminate the need for them to struggle during the procedure.

The price may increase as a result of this curtain system’s absence of a Wifi smart plug and an adapter cable, which you must buy separately.


  • The process of motorization is quiet.
  • It is versatile as it allows the curtain system to center open, right pull, or left pull.
  • The curtain track is custom-made for your specific order.
  • Very durable and a great addition to your space.
  • It can be operated manually in case of a blackout.
  • They work well with any pleated curtains with hooks, and you don’t need any unique curtains.


  • To connect with Alexa, you need a curtain call adapter cable, which is supplied separately, and a Wifi Smart Plug.
  • Provides no curtain hooks.

Quoya Smart Curtain System

Perhaps the least well-known brand among our top selections for the finest smart curtains is Quoya. Nevertheless, because the bundle given by Quoya has so many clever features, you shouldn’t pass it up.

A motorized, automated railing system and an adjustable curtain rod are features of this WiFi-enabled smart curtain system. The rods’ maximum extension length, which is 118 inches, is ideal for conventional installations. For a much better experience, you can also plan the opening and closing times of your draperies according to the local sunrise and sunset times. Any curtain that can be attached to the rod using curtain hooks can be used with it.

The Quoya Smart Curtains System may be installed quite easily and without the use of any special tools. Since the set comes with the necessary wall and ceiling brackets, you won’t need to purchase any extra equipment before installation. The Quoya Smart Curtains System has 8 intelligent features, including touch motion, power cut backup, automated control, remote control, and voice control.

Additionally, it functions with the specific SmartLife smartphone app. The Quoya Smart Curtains System comes with a 3-year guarantee period in addition to all of these advantages.


  • Can be scheduled for timely activation
  • Long warranty period
  • Many smart functions are available


  • Rod size might be short for larger windows and door frames

Arcwares Smart Curtains System

Now that you are aware of some of the more expensive options, allow us to introduce the smart curtain set from Arcwares, which is available at a more reasonable price. Nevertheless, it provides a lot of useful features that you may be seeking.

One of the simplest installation processes is available. Before installing it, you won’t require any assembly or tools. Additionally, it offers a highly original curtain style with ornamental tieback bands without causing any damage to your wall. As a result, it is appropriate for practically all installation settings, including your business and home. The curtain design of the Arcwares Smart Curtains System is one of its most appealing features. It can be deformed on command and can twist into whatever shape you like.

The woven texture and gorgeous crystal design of the curtains give them a very high-quality design and attractive appearance. You may manage the Arcwares Smart Curtains System with voice commands by integrating it smoothly with Alexa or Google Home. Additionally, remote control with just 3 buttons to open, close, and pause is supplied. It can be operated manually with little effort even without the remote.

Additionally, you may schedule numerous operations using the specialized smartphone application if you desire a fully automated control.


  • One of the easiest devices for installation
  • Supports voice access
  • Inner memory iron wire for quick release to original shape


  • Not as reliable as other choices

Are Motorized Curtains Worth it?

Electric curtains are a fantastic method to improve light control in your house and provide a stylish, contemporary window treatment. But the real query is, are they priceless?

Yes, in many instances, using electric wires will be less expensive than paying a designer or draperies professional for hours of labor that might not yield results that are as professionally finished. Additionally, installing motorized curtains doesn’t require any special expertise, so you may do it yourself!

Naturally, they are worthwhile if the advantages of automating your home and improving the usability of your home design appeal to you.

With just a basic smartphone, motorized curtains are an easy way to bring your home into the 21st century and beyond.

It is a fairly easy technique to give your house a stunning, individual flair. The cost of this potential addition to your house is also far lower than it has been in recent years.

Motorized Curtains Buying Guide

Consider buying smart curtains instead of normal ones as a very valuable enhancement for your home if you’ve been wanting to replace your old curtain set for a while. You will have amazing convenience from smart curtains, and your home will look even more beautiful. But in order to find the ideal alternative for smart curtains, one must spend a considerable amount of time browsing. Depending on your budget, it may take you days to evaluate all the options’ features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages.

Before spending money on your curtain motorization, keep in mind the factors listed below, and we’ll explain how they could influence your decision.

Automatic Curtain Mechanism

Here, you should think about how the motorized curtains will be powered. The following are the three primary motorized power curtain options: Battery-Powered Motors are the most cost-effective and long-lasting choice. The next choice is a solar-powered option, which is particularly environmentally beneficial. Finally, plug-in motors are the simplest to use because they must be plugged into a wall. To avoid mishaps caused by cords running across your room, consider using plugins instead. But before you do, make sure you have a way to conceal the cord.

Quality And Durability

To avoid spending money on curtains for your home only to have the motor burn out after a few weeks, the quality and durability of the motor are crucial variables to take into account. Because certain materials are more durable than others and because the construction will affect how long the curtain rod serves your home, make sure your curtains are constructed from the best materials. Choose materials that can survive daily use and a great motor to extend their lifespan.

Power Requirement

Through smartphone applications, smart curtains may offer excellent accessibility and seamless integration. However, the motors that power them still need electricity to run. Different power sources, including batteries and direct electricity input, can power the motors. In order to get the maximum performance out of the smart curtain set, you must ensure that you can provide it with the necessary input.

In addition, if the power source is batteries, you might need to make more adjustments to the batteries. Additionally, some sets use rechargeable batteries rather than disposable ones to power them. That is a better option in comparison because you won’t need to replace the batteries frequently. Other good options include those powered by PoE technology, which just needs a single data cable to function.


Security is a crucial factor and one of the most essential benefits of a motorized curtain system when it comes to assessing motorized curtains. You can operate your draperies from anywhere using a smartphone; even while on vacation, you can close your blinds to deter burglars. You can choose from motorized curtains with timers that will automatically open and close, which is a smart home solution that should give you security.


You should take this into account as well before buying your curtain set. This is due to the fact that the effect your curtains will have on your decor will depend on where you hang them. Make sure your automatic curtains are compatible with the blinds you will attach to the motor and that they fit your windows correctly. Avoid being forced to make an impossible decision because you bought a certain type of blinds but they don’t fit the motors well.

Smart Home Integration

The days of new-generation products’ smart compatibility being restricted to a certain ecosystem are long gone. Nowadays, practically all smart home appliances can communicate with both your smartphone and other smart appliances to create a fully integrated smart home system. This enables you to program your smart curtains to operate in concert with other electronics.

You might set up your smart lights to turn on when the curtains are drawn, for instance, and vice versa. However, it is only feasible if the smart curtains are equipped with the most recent smart technology and enable smart home systems from Google and Alexa. You cannot set up a smart curtain set with a smart home integration system if it only provides restricted connectivity using a different remote control.


One of the most important things to take into account when picking the best-motorized curtains is smart home connectivity. Fortunately, the majority of motorized curtain systems available today are smartphone-compatible. Check whether the curtains have a related phone app and how well it works before making your final decision.

Whether using a smartphone or remote control, motorized curtains may all be operated remotely, so make sure the technology is reliable. Additionally, look into the various control methods each motorized curtain model employs because some of them permit the control of several curtains. Choose automation products that are most convenient for you and best meet your demands.


Your window covering’s motorized curtain installation shouldn’t be a difficult task, and you should make sure it goes smoothly and quickly. Since most items from brands come with the appropriate mounting hardware, pertinent information, and instructions, integrating a smart home should be a simple procedure. To avoid installing the set incorrectly, try to avoid purchasing motorized curtain systems that are difficult to install.

Size and Fittings

Finally, we are emphasizing yet another crucial aspect that must be taken into account before purchasing a set of sophisticated curtains. The smart curtains’ size and fitting options take into account installation and the necessary size for your windows. You can’t just hang any set of intelligent curtains on your windows without first making sure they are the right size.

But by offering modifications in the rod sizes, the makers have made it much simpler to choose an appropriate alternative for a specific size. You can easily modify the item before installing it because the rod sizes are changeable. To make sure the curtain rod can accommodate your needed fitting size, you should still check the minimum and maximum sizes. Additionally, you will be able to modify the positions without worrying about the fitting if you purchase a curtain set that allows more size diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smart Curtains?

Regular curtains with a motor are called “smart” curtains. Additionally, they permit remote access through the curtain-controlling apps.

How do you install motorized curtains?

The procedure is the same as for installing traditional curtains, with the exception that in this case you also need to fix the motor and power the curtain track.

How Much Do Electric Drapes Cost?

Depending on how many motorized curtains you put in your home, the price of a single one can range from as little as $220 to as much as $1000 for the luxury versions.

Can I Control My Curtain System With Alexa?

It is conceivable, yes. You can purchase smart home alternatives, however, some motorized curtain systems simply allow operation using a wall switch or remote control. Any area would benefit from smart alternatives because they can be connected to your wifi, controlled by your tablet or smartphone, and work with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri.

Notably, you may upgrade your motorized curtains to smart curtains by connecting to a third-party hub even if Alexa is not supported by them.


There are several possibilities for people wishing to automate their homes with motorized curtains, whether they are looking for something strong for curtains in their new home cinema or a more low-commitment solution for their home office.

Installing smart curtains has never been more affordable than it is right now, thanks to the wide range of price options. You no longer need a wall switch to operate your curtains thanks to voice assistance services and smart home apps, offering you the best possible smart home experience.

The greatest moment to install electric draperies in your house and for your family may be right now. The best experience is purchasing power curtains for your home and watching your curtains close on their own. Believe us; we’re still having fun with them!

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