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Best Radar Gun for Baseball Reviews


Mastering a game is a whole different experience than simply playing it. Therefore, the best radar gun for baseball that can measure your pitch speed is necessary if you want to become the next big thing in the sport. It reveals where you stand and how much progress is required with an exact reading.

The radar gun or speed radar is one of the most astounding devices that exist. Bryce Brown created the first radar rifle in 1954. It was developed to gauge the velocity of any moving object. Years later, it came in a number of versions that were all still meant to monitor speed.

A baseball radar gun is one of the variants of the equipment. The horizon of the speed radar has been extended. It could serve as a tool for a trainee in that it provides feedback on how to improve one’s throwing technique. Therefore, having the greatest baseball radar gun should shorten the training duration and inspire players, coaches, or parents to produce quality results.

However, where can I actually find the best speed radar? It is easy. Just enumerate these three characteristics of the tool:

Accuracy Reading Capacity:

This speed radar is used to determine distance and speed. What’s left of it is a waste of resources if it can’t perform the task accurately. Treating the hour as a variable is necessary for measuring speed.

Overall Performance:

The total performance of the gadget includes a wide range of characteristics, including ergonomics, robustness, battery life, range of distance covered, and range of ball speeds covered.


Some products have the appearance of standalone instruments, while the more unusual ones have the appearance of baseballs. Whatever its shape and look, the speed radar only offers light and convenient storage.

These three best characteristics should help you make a wise choice when buying a radar gun with the assistance of the specific product reviews and buying advice below.

Best Baseball Radar Gun of 2023

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun
  • Has a range of up to 125 feet
  •  Fits in a tripod mount for smartphones
  •  Measures speed in flight
Pocket Radar Smart Coach Radar Gun
  • Has a “constant-on” mode – no need to hold a trigger.
  • Comes with a memory function to store speeds of up to 25 previous pitches.
  • Can be mounted on a fence or tripod – no need for a partner.
  • 2-year warranty.
Sports Sensors Glove Radar Gun
  • Great price.
  • Simple – no point-and-shoot hassle.
  • 6-month limited warranty.

Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is an additional option and offers the same astounding accuracy as the Pocket Radar Ball Coach Radar Gun. It is capable of detecting vehicle speeds of 10 to 200 mph at a distance of 1,500 feet and ball sport speeds of 10 to 110 mph at a distance of up to 90 feet.

We believed that since it has a lower activation threshold than the Pocket Radar, it would be a better option for measuring running or skating speed (10 MPH versus 25 MPH).

Contrary to the Pocket Radar Ball Coach, the Bushnell Velocity demands continuous trigger engagement when monitoring speed. That indicates that the pistol must be physically held, aimed correctly at the object to be measured, then fired. There is also more potential for human error because it calls for more active participation.

The manufacturer states that the item has to stay in your line of sight. If the gun moves to the left or right while you are holding it, your accuracy will suffer. The accuracy of the cannon decreases as you move away from the centerline.

Two C batteries are used to power the Bushnell Velocity, which increases the weight of the weapon. Even though the gun weighs only 19 ounces, you should take this into account if you plan to use it frequently. If your arms tire while operating the pistol, it may be more difficult to maintain a steady grip and provide an accurate reading.

For instance, the Pocket Radar Personal Speed Radar barely weighs 4.5 ounces. To avoid the police, you might also research the finest police radar detector. Another fantastic option is the +/- 1.0 mile per hour accurate Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun. The fastest speed is always displayed on this device’s huge, easily visible LCD display.


  • Most Inexpensive option on the list
  •  Accurate within +/- 1 mph
  •  Easy to use – just point and shoot


  • Can’t be set up on a tripod
  •  Requires another person to operate
  •  Trigger activated only

Pocket Radar Smart Coach Radar Gun

Unlike most baseball radar guns, the Pocket Radar Smart Coach Radar is made specifically for ball sports. It, therefore, has several features that baseball coaches and players will find to be very helpful.

For starters, it has a continuous mode. This suggests that you won’t need to continuously press a button or trigger in order to keep track of the pitch’s speed. A player can perfect their technique without having to wait a long time between throws because of the device’s ability to remember the velocity of up to 25 previous pitches.

Second, the Smart Coach Radar is designed to find and show the ball’s top flight speed. This is ideal since each throw loses a significant amount of velocity on the way to the batter.

Finally, this device can be mounted to the catcher’s helmet, tripods, and fences. This tool can be used hands-free if that’s what you require, so you no longer need a partner to measure your ball speeds for you.

The specifications of the Pocket Radar Pro are impressive. The included AAA batteries will last an hour or more in continuous mode, and it can record baseball speeds of up to 130 mph at a distance of up to 120 feet. To increase the device’s battery life, you can also swap out these batteries for rechargeable ones. You may purchase with confidence because it also comes with a 2-year warranty against defects.


  • Has a “constant-on” mode – no need to hold a trigger.
  • Comes with a memory function to store speeds of up to 25 previous pitches.
  • Can be mounted on a fence or tripod – no need for a partner.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Sports Sensors Glove Radar Gun

The Pocket Radar is a good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a standard point-and-shoot speed gun. You could find that this gadget is exactly what you need.

It resembles a tiny baseball radar gun that is fastened to the catcher’s mitt. You don’t have to worry about wearing a glove with enormous gaps between the fingers since the radar signals travel through the glove.

The ease of use of this device—which is essentially hands-free—is what makes it so tempting. Standing behind the thrower eliminates the need to worry about setting up the radar gun precisely. Put it on, grab the ball, yell the ball’s speed for quick feedback, and then pass the ball back. The pitcher may practice a lot of tosses quickly because there is no longer a requirement for many of balls or a third party.

The affordability of this radar is another benefit. Along with a three-month limited warranty, it’s also surprisingly durable. Additionally, nothing or any calibration is required for it to work.

On the other side, there is a huge drawback to the glove radar. The catcher’s radar will only detect the ball once it reaches the mitt due to its weak signal (to conserve battery life). It will therefore slow down your pitch a few miles per hour from when you threw it rather than capturing it at its fastest pace.


  • Great price.
  • Simple – no point-and-shoot hassle.
  • 6-month limited warranty.


  • Not as accurate as more expensive radar guns.

Baseball Radar Gun Buying Guide


The range is a crucial consideration when purchasing a baseball radar gun. Do you know how far away you will be when you stand? Will you be seated directly behind the home plate or a little farther away?

As a baseball coach, it’s critical to determine if you’re coaching Major League Baseball or Little League Baseball.

Speed Range

The range is a crucial factor to take into account when buying a speed radar.

You will need a speed gun that can read at least 20 mph if you plan to train a young athlete. This means that the lower value of that specific speed gun should have a speed range of at least 20 mph. The better option is fewer things.


The ball’s speed and trajectory can be more accurately predicted with a radar gun. Guns that shoot accurately are typically more expensive. As you may know, the only way to tell if a radar gun is accurate is to evaluate how it performs in comparison to other radar guns.

So, whatever rifle you choose to purchase, be sure to check the accuracy of the radar gun.

Size and Portability

Although all radars are small in size, not all of them are equally portable.

They are all transportable, although not all of them fit in a pocket.

A radar-like Stalker sport 2 will not fit in your pocket, but a speed radar-like Pocket radar can.

However, the performance and accuracy of the speed radar are mostly independent of its size and portability.

Hands-free or Not?

To operate your speed gun without using your hands, you should be able to set it on a tripod.

In most situations, you might want to hold it and use it. However, you might want to keep it mounted on a tripod so you can use it hands-free.


Your speed gun should be able to be mounted on a tripod so you may use it without holding it.

In the majority of cases, you might want to hold it and use it. You might want to keep it mounted on a tripod, though, if you want to use it hands-free.


A speed radar gun can range in price. We have no doubt that you won’t want to waste your money.

You don’t always have to choose the most expensive alternative for your junior team. In that case, you’ll want to find one that’s affordable without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do radar guns work?

It emits a radio wave at a set frequency when activated. The radio receiver of the target object then analyses the radio waves that reflect back off it. The radio wave traveled less on its return trip than it did on its way to the object if the wavelength is shorter. The object is therefore getting closer to the baseball radar gun. This phenomenon is known as the Doppler Effect.

The opposite is also accurate. The wave traveled farther backward than it did forward if the wavelength is longer. This suggests that the object is eluding the radar detector.

By detecting how much the wavelength fluctuates, the speed gun calculates how fast the moving object is going.

How does a speed radar gun measure pitching speed?

We don’t want to get into too much technical detail in this response.

In plain English, the radar gun sends a signal with certain energy using its antenna. A portion of the ball’s energy is captured by the pistol’s antenna.

The cannon calculates the difference and displays the speed based on its calculations and readings.

How accurate are radar guns?

The majority of radar guns are accurate to within 1 MPH if you use them according to the usage guidelines. Accuracy diminishes more the farther the cannon veers from the straight path.

Are radar guns accurately measuring pitching speed?

The responses are yes and no.

Yes, if the radar gun is of high enough quality.

No, if it’s a subpar weapon.

Look, we’re not saying that all inexpensive weapons are subpar. Likewise, not every expensive option ensures quality.

Though, always remember that you get what you pay for.

We took a look at a few of the most lucrative wagers listed above. They are all reasonably accurate (+/- 1 mph).

What is the accurate distance to measure pitching speed with a speed radar gun?

From one gun to the next, it varies. Every firearm has a range limitation. While some firearms have a 90-foot range, others, like the Stalker Sport 2, have a 300-foot range.

In most cases, the policies at the higher end of the price spectrum offer more thorough coverage.

Are radar guns used in MLB?

I have no doubts. A radar gun is a helpful tool for determining, among other things, pitching and swing speeds. In other words, it’s an excellent instrument for raising anyone’s performance.

MLB is the only league to which this applies. In other sports using balls, like tennis, softball, and volleyball, a radar gun is also used to measure speed.

Can I use a baseball speed radar gun for tennis, softball, and other sports?

You very definitely can. The same velocity speed gun can be used for softball and other sports that call for speed measurements.

Almost all speed guns allow you to measure the speed of non-sports vehicles as well. On the other hand, some swing speed radar only records the bat’s swing. Not every sport calls for it.

What is the best place to put the radar gun to measure speed accurately?

A perfectly straight line to the pitcher or hitter is necessary for some radar guns. On the other hand, you can keep it angled with some rifles.

Some weapons only fire from the ball’s back, while others also fire from the front.

Throughout the product assessment, each of these was covered with respect to certain guns.

Can Radar Guns Be Used at Night?

Yes. Some radar guns don’t need to view the moving item, especially those that use Doppler speed gun radar technology. Instead, it only needs to estimate the velocity accurately—not the sight.

How far can a radar gun detect speed on average?

A radar gun’s detection range can range from 100 feet to more than a mile. Instead of a smaller vehicle in close proximity, a large vehicle at a distance can be easily tracked with a radar gun without the user receiving any signals.

Final Words

In light of this information, I think the Pro-Level Speed Training Tool with Radar Gun, also known as the Pocket Radar Ball Coach, is the best choice for you. This is the best radar gun for baseball pitching since it satisfies the standards of the Little and Major Baseball Leagues.

However, you are allowed to choose any radar gun of your choice.

In any event, buying the greatest baseball radar guns you can get can help you increase your speed.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing baseball radar guns. There are other products on the market that are comparable. If you want to make a smart purchase, be sure to take into account the issues we’ve covered and have a look at the items listed above.

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