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Best Peephole Camera for Apartment Reviews


This article is all about the best peephole camera. Smart video doorbells have become a common addition to many homes, and for a good reason. Installing one of these devices isn’t difficult because they offer considerable advantages in terms of convenience and home security, and they swap out a device that many households already own.

On the other hand, apartment dwellers can be excluded due to building regulations that forbid doorbells from being placed outside their doors or because they are tenants.

In these cases, peephole cameras are used. These gadgets are straightforward to install and, in many cases, don’t even require drilling or property-damaging bolts because they slot into the peephole in your front door.


There are three essential factors to take into account when selecting the best peephole camera for your needs even though they can be made in a variety of ways.

Video recording or stills?

The traditional peephole viewer is typically replaced by a door peephole camera, which does not always capture videos, on the inside of the front door. Some people just capture still images, while others fail to capture any footage at all.

The latter may be sufficient if all you’re looking for is a better way to see who’s outside, but if you want to use a device like a door peephole security camera to boost home security generally, you’ll need video recording, preferably with a motion sensor to activate it.

One of the biggest benefits of not using video recording is battery life. If you don’t need to record videos, the still models can be a better option because they operate much longer between charges.

Inferring that video quality will never be excellent when a person is in front of a bright light source like a streetlight or the afternoon sun, I have yet to come across a peephole camera that supports HDR.

Peephole or doorbell?

Another notable distinction is the door peephole camera’s outside design. It could be designed to resemble a typical peephole or it could have a broader housing to support a doorbell.

Although the doorbell is useful, it also draws attention to the camera, so depending on the circumstances in your apartment, you might need to keep it more concealed.

Remember that night vision is often not included in peepholes because it requires additional equipment in addition to the camera. They are essentially a digital door viewer as a result, and much like a regular peephole, you require external lighting at night to see anything.

How Does a Peephole Camera Work?

Since a peephole camera lacks the smartphone, it is essentially a high-resolution smartphone camera. This is the result of continual improvements in resolution and quality to match this downsizing of digital cameras. They don’t need to be complicated, and they aren’t.

A conventional peephole camera will consist of a camera and perhaps some custom lenses that will replace the entire peephole system on your door. A very small control board, a power supply, and perhaps some sort of display screen will all be present.

Usually, the peephole on the inside of your door—where you used to look through the glass—has a display screen fitted over it. Typically, these have high-resolution LCD screens, much like the high-resolution screens used in tablets and smartphones.

These devices can frequently be set up to save data to email, a local hard drive, a cloud server, and other places.

Best Peephole Cameras of 2023

Brinno SHC500 Peephole Camera
  • The camera unit features a clear 2.7-inch display
Digitsea digital doorbell peephole door camera
  • 4 pcs infrared LEDs for clear night vision
Sonew Digital LCD 120 Degree Peephole Viewer
  • Fast boot-up time on the LCD screen
Digitharbor Digital Door Peephole
  • The camera works in various kinds of weather and at night.
Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Door Bell
  • 2-way communication
TFT LCD 3.5″ Screen Digital Peephole Security Camera
  • The led light turns on automatically at night

Brinno SHC500 Peephole Camera

Instead of a tiny fish-eye view, this security peephole camera from Brinno takes clear pictures of the person who is standing at your front door. You can record visitors using the high-resolution digital camera that comes with it.

It easily eliminates the fish-eye effect and helps in the identification of visitors thanks to its wider field of view and smart lens. Unlike traditional home security systems, installation is quick and affordable. Additionally, a high-resolution imaging system will be provided to you.

Photos and video recordings are stored in a log that can be viewed to view the data. You can easily manage and trace the photos and videos because they are time-stamped with the visitor’s entry into your home.

These videos can be saved or played again by pressing a single button. The information can be kept on a microSD card with a 32GB maximum storage size.

The peephole camera gives you a clear view of the person on the other side of the door in low-light conditions. Even in complete darkness, you can see them.

Because the camera doesn’t need to be permanently installed, there is no need for intricate wiring. Because of this, you can rapidly install it in your apartment or dorm room and move it anywhere you go.


  • The camera unit features a clear 2.7-inch display.
  • Setup and installation are easy and quick.
  • Allows you to keep video logs of the visitors.


  • Lacks Wi-Fi so you won’t be able to check the video remotely.
  • Image quality is not amazing in low light conditions.

Digitsea digital doorbell peephole door camera

The Digitsea digital doorbell peephole door camera has distinctive features like automated photo and video capture, LCD screen night vision, and widescreen. According to its owners, this device is easy to use and set up, making it perfect for seniors. Four AA batteries are needed for the camera; these batteries are not included in the initial packing and must be bought separately.

Users claim that the LCD screen is big enough to view recorded footage from a distance. Others believe it to be the best digital peephole viewer in its price range, despite some users’ complaints that the camera’s night vision is subpar.

For typical users, this camera performs admirably overall. They have wide, crisp eyesight at all hours of the day. While certain units have trouble seeing at night, this isn’t true of all of them.


  • 4 pcs infrared LEDs for clear night vision
  • Automatically snaps and saves photos onto micro SD upon doorbell ring
  • 4V Industrial HD color sensor
  • Clear image
  • 1-year quality warranty
  • Comes with various screw lengths for installing on doors of different thicknesses
  • Clear picture day and night
  • Easy installation


  • No motion detection
  • Can’t adjust view range
  • Loadings screen every time you press the camera from the inside

Sonew Digital LCD 120 Degree Peephole Viewer

The Digital LCD 120 Degree Peephole Viewer stands out thanks to its stunning ultra-thin design. Its innovative design enables it to remain hidden even if it is installed within peepholes and appears to be a straightforward peephole. The tool enables users to monitor the area outside their door around the clock, every day of the week.

Both children and older people may use it easily thanks to its straightforward design. Bright light is ideal for the camera’s performance. In general, it’s a great device with good camera quality, especially given its low cost. This camera is for you if you don’t need night vision and are ready to spend money on rechargeable batteries.


  • Simple installation
  • Good picture quality
  • Fast boot-up time on the LCD screen


  • No night vision
  • Not a rechargeable unit

Digitharbor Digital Door Peephole

In the camera industry, there has been a lot of controversy over Digitharbor’s covert front door cameras. A Netflix original binge-watch has stirred some controversy, but what has caused even more? On the other side, Digitharbor offers inexpensive, well-made peepholes, which is a win-win situation for all customers.

What makes the Digitharbor such a great purchase, besides the drama?

The device will automatically capture a photo of anybody who rings your doorbell. Even when you’re not at home, you can utilize this essential tool to observe who is at your door.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about the sun. Each time we went to peer through our peepholes, a brilliant white light appeared instead of a face. The Digitharbor is outfitted with a range of light settings to combat bad weather.

No of the weather, you can adjust the contrast settings on the camera to light, medium, or high and see well. Your camera’s night vision can be enabled by infrared lighting as well, preventing shady thieves from outwitting you by taking advantage of the darkness.

The setup of the device is simple, especially since it comes with equipment that will make your life simpler. Again, there are no rechargeable batteries present. On the other hand, the ones that come with the Digitharbor are very strong and will last you at least six months. You won’t need to spend all of your extra money on new batteries every few weeks as a result.

Motion sensors are absent from this door peephole camera wifi unit, but it does have a helpful feature that makes up for it. You can use the remote to press a button to start the camera and immediately record video if you notice someone acting abnormally around your house. This video can then be utilized as proof to catch that person in the act.


  • Cheaper compared to other models.
  • Easy to install.
  • The camera works in various kinds of weather and at night.
  • Can press a button to instantly start recording footage.


  • The camera angle is not as large as others on market. 
  • LCD screen not as clear as others.
  • No motion sensor.

Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Door Bell

The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Door Bell is a more affordable alternative and a suitable second choice. After purchasing this version, you’ll observe that the camera simply has the bare minimum of features, making it essentially a standard peephole camera recorder.

This top peephole camera comes with a 720p camera recorder. Even though the video quality isn’t great, you’ll be able to see who is at your door from it. Additionally, the 110-degree vertical field of view of the camera enables you to observe up to 15 feet away from your entryway.

We were disappointed by the night vision, which is blurry and had more black than white. But it’s a good choice anyway given the low cost.

The gadget also contains a motion-detecting system. When it detects motion or when your doorbell is pressed, it sends you a notification to your phone, tablet, or computer.

You only need to press one button on your phone to get an on-demand video and audio of the visitor if you want to see them. Like other top peephole camera recorders, this one provides a 2-way communication capability that enables you to speak and hear the person knocking on your door.

Not least of all, Alexa is compatible with the gadget. Once connected, Alexa turns on and makes an announcement about the alert. Additionally, you can talk, see, and hear using Echo Show or Echo Spot.


  • Works with Alexa
  • 720p camera recorder
  • Motion detectors
  • 2-way communication
  • Alexa compatible
  • Easy to use
  • The camera quality is decent
  • Works with Alexa
  • Instant on-demand audio and video recording


  • The night camera is not great

TFT LCD 3.5″ Screen Digital Peephole Security Camera

An incredible security solution for any home is the Digital Peephole Security Camera with TFT LCD 3.5′′ Screen. When someone knocks on your door, it is programmed to snap a photo of them and save it for later use. The camera can record clear photos at night and during the day using HD color sense and a 120-degree lens.

The camera also features a large display on its 3.5′′ TFT LCD screen. Four infrared led lights built inside the camera automatically turn on when it senses darkness to increase home security.

The digital peephole camera for flats has an intuitive design that makes installation straightforward and fits well into existing peepholes. You won’t ever need to drill any additional holes in your door as a result. Four batteries are included with the camera so you can record without having to pay a monthly subscription.


  • Easy to install for doors with existing peepholes
  • Led light turns on automatically at night
  • Stores all the pictures were taken in your absence
  • Produces clear visible images


  • Not compatible with modern features like Alexa
  • Batteries not included

Buying Guide for Buying the Best Peephole Camera

Even after reading all of our reviews, you’re not sure. Given that all of the peepholes we’ve covered so far are top-notch security tools, it’s not surprising.

To help you narrow down your options, here are the qualities to look for in a peephole security camera. The one with the most characteristics that you need for your own home can then be selected.


Peepholes with rechargeable batteries will ultimately cost you less money. They are also far more advantageous for the environment to use. Remember that you’ll eventually need to recharge your batteries, so having a spare pair charged is better than being left with an inoperable device.

Before making a purchase, find out how long the batteries will last in a peephole that uses standard batteries. The peepholes on this list have an average battery life of six months, however other peepholes’ batteries could run out far more quickly, necessitating frequent replacement.

In a perfect world, a peephole would be powered by mains electricity. It’s true that the setup will be more challenging, but it will be well worth it. These peepholes are smaller and less obvious to thieves because there is no power pack, so you won’t ever have to worry about batteries. Your peephole won’t work if there is a power outage, so it is something to think about.

Motion Sensor

It’s not for everyone, but a motion sensor for a digital peephole is pretty useful! The last thing you need if you live in an apartment complex is a peephole that alerts you whenever one of your neighbors enters or exits. The same is true of homes with front doors that are near the sidewalk. Your motion sensor will continuously capture dog walkers, filling up your memory card with useless footage.

If your entrance is situated back from the pavement, motion sensors will detect someone sneaking up your driveway and peering into your windows. Purchase a peephole with a motion sensor if at all possible.

Camera Angle and Quality

Having a peephole is great, but if the camera angle is off, you might only see half of the head. Which will make it difficult to identify the person who rings your doorbell. A lens angle of at least 120 degrees is optimal; smaller angles may occasionally work, but the wider the lens, the better the chance of capturing a good photo of a curiously behaving person trying to hide their face from view.

Of course, the camera’s quality is also quite important. You don’t want it to be a muddled mess, but you also don’t want it to be so clear that you can see every single blemish or pore on their face. Choose a camera that will enable you to quickly distinguish people. This is especially important if you have to provide the police with a video because they might want to use facial recognition software or make a screenshot available to the public for identification.

Smartphone Integration

If you want your peephole to be as simple to use as possible, go for one that has its own app that lets you view your camera from anywhere. This suggests that even if you’re thousands of miles away, you can keep an eye on your home for suspicious activity while you’re away for the day or on vacation and even report it to the police.

Memory and Video Capture

Not all peephole cameras can record videos because they are essentially basic digital peepholes. You won’t have to go up to the door to check who is on the other side thanks to them. Videos are saved on cameras that record them using memory cards. Many of these cameras maintain recording by overwriting older films to make place for new ones.

Easy Installation

The last thing you want is a video peephole that is difficult to install because you don’t want it to be. Before your peephole is even mounted on your door, you’re more than likely to experience frustration, lose pieces, and finally develop a dislike for it.

If the thought of assembling IKEA furniture gives you the creeps, you should research the installation of a digital peephole before purchasing one.

Check for YouTube installation tips if you have your heart set on one but feel that it would be outside the scope of your DIY skills. The task may appear to be much simpler than the instructions suggest in these installation videos.

If all else fails, you almost certainly know someone who is familiar with using a drill. Bring them over and pay them with pizza. Imagine being able to observe the delivery man through your brand-new peephole!

Two-Way Audio

The two-way audio is a key component of these peephole cameras. Using this communication technology, you can converse with the guest at your door even if you are not at home.

The device’s use of a microphone and a speaker makes it possible. Because they can’t see you, the visitor won’t be able to tell whether you’re home or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install a Peephole Camera?

Look for peephole cameras that are easy to install because you probably don’t want to spend the entire day doing it. Many cameras don’t even need to drill a hole in the front door; they can simply take the place of the doorbell.

Manufacturers typically provide step-by-step installation instructions in the form of video tutorials or user manuals. A wall-mountable interior panel is also included with some of these cameras.

How do you record a peephole?

Peephole cameras come in a variety of styles, each with a unique way to record video. Some cameras don’t even have the ability to record, instead depending solely on live streaming to inform users of what is happening outside their door.

On the other hand, the best digital peephole cameras have a variety of entrance detection methods. While some cameras start recording when someone rings the doorbell, others start recording when someone knocks on the door. Strong sensors in modern peephole cameras allow them to detect motion without the need for knocks or doorbell pushes.

How does the ring peephole camera work?

The Ring peephole camera works thanks to its strong motion-detection capabilities. The sensors are activated and the camera starts recording when it detects activity outdoors. The system’s innovative doorbell allows you to quickly receive notifications on your phone anytime someone knocks on your door.


Compare the top peephole cameras and take into account the features that matter most to you. Knowing what kind of camera you need makes it much simpler to get the best one for yourself.

A lot of cameras have a tonne of technological features, while some are more “low-tech.” The best digital door viewer for you can be the most affordable option. The best course of action is to select products that offer the most features for the lowest cost.

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