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Best EVAP Smoke Machine Reviews and Guide


You can significantly shorten the amount of time spent fixing vacuum leaks and other issues with an EVAP smoke machine. The top EVAP smoke machines are listed below.

Nothing is more stressful than attempting to locate a troublesome vacuum leak without the proper equipment. Not only do you not want to overpay a mechanic, but you also don’t want to get a tool that is ineffective.

Smoke emerging from an engine or electrical component is always a negative indicator, especially if it is discovered in a moving vehicle. It is exceedingly challenging to pinpoint the exact source of a problem in an automotive system because there are so many different parts. So you can get aid with it, there are specialized devices called EVAP smoke machines.

The EVAP smoke machines find evaporative emissions leaks that could mean serious issues with the engine. Before purchasing an EVAP smoke machine, consider the following:

Included Components:

For an EVAP machine to function properly, various components are needed. As a result, you need to confirm whether the EVAP machine you are using needs any external components.

Type of Machine:

There are several different types of EVAP machines available that need to be used differently. You can either get a heavy machine that needs to be mounted, or you can get a handheld machine that is easier to use.


In general, EVAP equipment that is lightweight and portable is preferred. Finding the problem’s origin in autos is relatively challenging, necessitating the use of a portable EVAP machine for better outcomes.

We’re bringing the top EVAP smoke machines right here right now. There should be no question regarding the application of these devices since thousands of previous consumers have already tested these options. Refer to our “Buying Guide” for the best EVAP smoke machine presented later in the article for more details on selecting the best option based on your usage.

STINGER EVAP Smoke Machine
  • Unique EVAP smoke machine
  • Handmade machine
  • Designed by a skilled craftsman
  • Heavy-duty build quality
  • 1 PSI pressure regulator
AUTOOL EVAP Smoke Machine
  • One of the essential components of EVAP machines
  • High-quality smoke machine
  • Highly durable and portable pipe
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use
OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Machine
  • Professional EVAP smoke machine
  • Suitable for 80% of general smoke leakage problems
  • Comparatively smaller in size
  • Dedicated smoke flow control valve
  • UltraTrace UV Dye
  • Additional tools included
AutoLine Pro EVAP Smoke Machine
  • Premium EVAP smoke machine
  • Highly durable build quality
  • Lifetime guarantee on smoke coils
  • Suitable for most problems
  • Higher intensity of smoke output
  • 1-year warranty period
Evap Vacuum EVAP Smoke Machine
  • A simple and lightweight machine
  • Most affordable EVAP smoke machine
  • Produced in the USA
  • Operates on mineral oil
  • Weighs 5 lbs
  • Suitable for various smoke leakage tests
  • Universal alligator clip conversion line
  • Easy to seal and insulate pipes
  • Completely safe in operation
  • 5 x 4 x 4.6 inches in size

STINGER EVAP Smoke Machine

If you’re purchasing an EVAP machine for personal use, you must find a trustworthy option. As a result, we have an EVAP smoke generator from Stinger smoke products.

Our second choice stands out from the other choices on our list since it is an entirely handmade EVAP smoke machine built by professional craftsmen for flawless output.

Additionally, it is built of premium aluminum and features a smoke flow control valve and Stinger’s proprietary fast easy-off lid.

With the help of the accompanying smoke regulator, you can operate the device with an output of smoke up to 1 PSI in pressure.

In order to effectively reach the deeper portions of the engine, there is a 12-foot heavy-duty fused cord and a 6-foot smoke hose.

High-quality steel battery clamps and a 15 amp inline fuse are included with the Stinger and will aid in the detection of vehicle exhaust leaks.

This smoke machine comes with a one-year warranty.


  • A great option on an affordable budget
  • The long fused cord is included
  • Additional 6 feet long smoke hose


  • Very heavy in weight

AUTOOL EVAP Smoke Machine

The brand Autool is well-known for the different instruments and analyzers that it produces and sells. It is an excellent option if you currently possess an EVAP smoke machine and need to repair a part.

Our second choice is an attachment, which is a necessary part of an EVAP smoke machine and which you must use if you want to operate the smoke machine correctly.

The high-quality AUTOOL Smoke Pipe for Automotive Diagnostic Leak Tools can be used with any common smoke detection instrument or leak tool to serve a number of functions.

Compared to standard pipes, it is easier to clean because they can be cleaned right away.

The smoke pipe weighs only 0.45 lbs, which is really little. Nevertheless, it has excellent durability.

One of the most transportable alternatives on our list because of its minimal weight and ease of carrying.

Autool has already created a wide variety of tools. As a result, this pipe is made with excellent craftsmanship and an ergonomic design for ease of use.


  • The best option for a replacement pipe
  • Lightweight smoke pipe
  • Reliable results for smoke leaks


  • You must have an EVAP machine before buying this

OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Machine

Professional solutions are only appropriate if you intend to use all tools and instruments for commercial purposes.

The same is true with OTC’s premium high-quality tools.

Finally, we provide the highest-quality EVAP smoke machine currently on the market.

The OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine is a unique tool that was created with commercial use in mind, where the user needs several tests per day.

This smoke machine gadget can quickly and easily diagnose up to 80% of common smoke issues.

Its size is approximately half that of other options in this class, but it has a twice as high-performance rating.

The smoke machine has a special smoke controller that enables you to modify the smoke output to correspond with various applications.

As a result, it can be used to smoke leaks that are as small as 0.010 inches.

The ultrasonic UV dye used by the OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine is a highly regarded and professional-approved smoke test.


  • The lightweight device weighs only 0.45 lbs
  • Battery-operated smoke machine
  • All necessary attachments included


  • Very expensive price tag

AutoLine Pro EVAP Smoke Machine

Due to its extensive range of product designs, AutoLine Pro is one of the most well-known brands on our list at the moment.

Thankfully, they also supply a respectable smoke machine, which we have included below.

First place goes to a high-end smoke machine created by AutoLine Pro.

The high-quality, sturdy, and solid metal structure of the AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector provides it with remarkable longevity.

While the equipment has a year of warranty coverage from AutoLine Pro, their ceramic smoke coil, which can produce a lot of smoke at once, has a lifetime warranty.

The device can identify a number of issues, including vacuum leaks, pressure leaks, issues with the intake manifold, and exhaust systems.

For nearly all vehicle types, the AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector is expertly engineered to guarantee 100% safer performance.

It produces thicker smoke, which makes it easier to find even the smallest leaks, which is not always achievable with other machines.

Along with a year of guarantee for a longer lifespan, the device comes with all required attachments and parts already installed.


  • It has a reliable warranty period
  • Durable build quality
  • Suitable for long-term use


  • Heavy in weight

Evap Vacuum EVAP Smoke Machine

In comparison to other brands on our list today, Smoke-Tek is a rather inexpensive option.

The most affordable smoke machine available right now is the vacuum smoke machine from Smoke-Tek.

By using the Evap Vacuum Smoke Machine Tool and following a few easy procedures, you can identify vacuum leaks.

To help you use the device right away, Smoke-Tek also includes a second instruction in the package.

You shouldn’t question the device’s construction or endurance because it was entirely designed and produced in the USA. It is an excellent tool for frequent car owners.

Mineral oil is needed for Smoke-Vacuum Tek’s Smoke Machine Tool, and it is widely available in stores.

This device is far less expensive than luxury and commercial alternatives if you compare it to other options.

As a result, it is a great choice for personal use. However, because it weighs 5 lbs, carrying it is a little challenging.


  • The whole unit is available at a low price tag
  • Great design and quality
  • Produces a great quantity of smoke


  • Heavy in weight


Now that you are familiar with the well-known market choices, let’s look at some of the lesser-known companies that have quality products.

RTRHINOTUNING is a good option among those.

Many users have found the Vac-Leak Hunter Automotive Smoke Machine to be effective in finding pipe leaks in automobiles and motorbikes in numerous places, including cooling tanks, fuel pipes, and intake systems

. It produces a very heavy smoke output that makes it easier to find even the smallest machine leakage.

The machine comes with a universal alligator clip converter line that lets you directly power the device using the battery in your automobile.

You may successfully seal and insulate by using the Vac-Leak Hunter Automotive Smoke Machine to find any potential leakage points in your system.

The majority of automobiles may receive 100% correct readings, and it is absolutely safe to use.

Simply by looking at the device, you can see that it has a 6.5 x 4 x 4.6-inch footprint and an extremely sturdy structure.

The gadget simply requires a small amount of smoke oil to operate.


  • A compact and lightweight device
  • Can be powered directly by a car battery
  • Durable build quality


  • It does not have a warranty period

Buying Guide for the Best EVAP Smoke Machines

Engine smoke leaking may indicate severe damage to the input manifold for the fuel and air mixture, which will significantly reduce the engine’s performance. You’ll observe a sharp decline in efficiency as well as issues with the engine’s performance. In the worst situation, smoke leakage may signal an excessive pressure building in the engine that, if left unattended, can be lethal.

As a result, you should always maintain an EVAP smoke machine ready so that you can quickly identify the issue and take the appropriate action. Although these devices cannot be viewed before purchase, purchasing an EVAP smoke machine is not a simple task. We are providing a shopping guide for the top EVAP smoke machine as a result. Here, we’ll go through the most crucial EVAP smoke machine components and examine how significant they are for vicarious applications. Therefore, before purchasing the EVAP smoke machine, we strongly advise you to read the buying guide.


Prior to making a purchase, it is critical to take the EVAP machine’s power into account. By examining the machine’s wattage and cubic feet per minute, you may determine its power. The majority of models range in wattage from 400 to 1000 watts.

High-wattage automotive smoke machines are more robust, and powerful, and produce more smoke. Stronger machines have a longer lifespan because they do not have a reheat cycle.

Smoke Fluid

The smoke fluid is one crucial component of an automobile smoke machine. A high-quality smoke fluid that will last you for at least 100 applications should be included with the best automobile smoke machine. On the package, this information should be noted. Purchasing a machine that runs on mineral, baby, or any other easily accessible oil would be wise.

Type of Smoke Machine

Given the wide range of variations among the many types of machines, choosing the ideal smoke machine is crucial. While some EVAP smoke machines are lightweight and small enough to be carried around, others are heavier and require mounting in order to be used. Numerous additional features of the machine, like the smoke capacity, the type of input power, the attachment support, and many more, are influenced by the nature of the device.


An EVAP machine that is simple to use provides an excellent user experience. It is essential to examine the machine’s controls and confirm that it is simple to install and operate. Some companies go above and beyond by including remote controls, which are convenient for you.

It is advised to get a timed car smoke machine. You have the freedom to leave the device without worrying about it overheating thanks to this function. The feature thereby guards against irreparable harm to the machine. Timer-equipped automotive smoke machines will shut off and on according to your preferences without being watched.


Since EVAP smoke machines are often handheld equipment, you must take their weight into account when purchasing. To adequately test and verify the leaking issue, nearly every EVAP smoke equipment needs to be carried toward the vehicle. Consequently, purchasing a heavier machine will only make it even more challenging to use. Even the heaviest item on our list today weighs only 5 lbs, so if you choose one of our suggestions, you shouldn’t be overly concerned about weight.

Smoke Output Quantity

To find system leakage locations, EVAP smoke generators release smoke through a nozzle. Naturally, you need a machine with a larger pressure output if you want to finish the test properly and accurately. High pressure and thicker smoke discharge, however, might not be helpful for common issues. Therefore, confirm that the smoke output can be adjusted on your EVAP smoke machine.

Input Energy

Several different kinds of sources are used to power the EVAP smoke machines. The machines may be powered by petrol, batteries, or perhaps even a car battery. You must be able to supply the source of energy before you can use the smoke machine, thus finding the right machine is essential in your situation. In general, it is better if the device is powered by a car battery because you can use it far away from your car and store it there. Additionally, you won’t need to bring any extra fuel or batteries for the smoke machine.


How do smoke machines find EVAP leaks?

By allowing smoke from the smoke machine to fill the hoses and lines, you can detect EVAP leaks. Then you check the hoses and lines, and if you notice any smoke coming from around them, you can be sure a leak is present.

What oil goes in a smoke machine?

A smoke machine’s recommended oil should be determined by the unit itself. Baby oil works in some smoke machines, but specific oils are required in others. To ensure that you don’t harm the smoke machine, read the handbook.

How much does an EVAP smoke test cost?

You can accomplish it for practically nothing at home if you have an EVAP smoke machine. However, you should prepare to pay $50 to $150 if you want an EVAP smoke test performed by a mechanic repair shop.

Where do you put the smoke machine for EVAP?

Depending on where you want to test it, decide where to put the smoke machine. Remove the pipe connecting the fuel tank to the purge control valve if you want to try the EVAP system. The engine air filter can be taken out and placed in the intake manifold if you want to test it.


The final piece your car needs to complete its accessory package and keep maintained for a long time may be an EVAP smoke machine. An EVAP smoke machine assists you in finding the source of the issue by helping you vacuum leaks as well as smoke leaks in the vehicle. A perfect EVAP smoke machine is capable of detecting even a little leak in the system, one that is no larger than 0.010 inches. Here are some suggestions from our top picks if you haven’t yet discovered the appropriate EVAP smoke machine for your needs:

The Evap/Vacuum Smoke Machine Tool -Test for Automotive Leaks is our top pick since it is the most reasonably priced full-featured EVAP smoke machine on our list. It is incredibly user-friendly and comes with clear instructions to make things simpler for everyone. It is a lightweight alternative because it only weighs 0.45 lbs.

The OTC 6522 LeakTamer EVAP Smoke Diagnostic Machine will be your finest choice if you’re seeking a professional solution. It is an extremely high-end diagnostic tool that will assist you in determining the leak and solve more than 80% of common smoke leakage issues. It is able to identify smoke leakage as small as 0.010 inches.

The AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine is our last pick because it is one of the most dependable solutions on our list. This EVAP smoke machine is supported by AutoLine Pro’s 1-year warranty, which is uncommon for smoke machines. It is extremely durable due to its superb build quality and thick, solid metal design.

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