Klein Tools ET310 AC Circuit Breaker Finder

7 Best Circuit Breaker Finder Reviews and Guide


A circuit breaker locator is essential for my occupation as an electrician working on home and office projects. This device saves me time and effort, especially when I’m working on a large project that requires numerous circuit breaker banks. So, we have compiled a list of the best circuit breaker finder in this article.

If I need to turn off the current in one portion of a structure that lacks a clear circuit diagram, I don’t have to guess and toss switches at random because I can quickly discover the proper one by plugging in the transmitter and pointing the receiver.

Few things irritate an electrician more than an unmarked electrical service panel. We should assist the future “sparky” by identifying all circuits and where they lead. It’s not only to be polite. It’s a matter of safety.

Homeowners are not immune to this annoyance. Electrical panels are ravaged by time and inexperience.
What’s the good news? Putting together your panel is neither difficult nor risky. It only takes a simple, low-cost circuit breaker finder.

It can be difficult to discover the correct circuit breaker for a certain electric circuit when working on your home’s electric circuits. This is owing to the fact that most household electric panels contain several circuit breakers.

Circuit breaker finders are comprised of two components: a transmitter and a receiver. When you plug the transmitter into the receptacle (or bulb, if you’re using adapters), it transmits a signal to the panel. Place the receiver over your panel’s breakers. The first pass is used to calibrate the receiver. A tone or light notifies you of the correct breaker on the following pass (or both).

Fortunately, locating the proper circuit breaker should be very simple if you use something like the top circuit breaker finders listed below, which have been chosen based on the following criteria:

Supported Voltages:

To use a certain circuit breaker finder in your home, you must first confirm that it is compatible with the electric voltage used in your home. For the same reason, most circuit breaker finders feature voltage ranges such as 90-120V, 80-140V, and even 24-300V, where having a wide range of supported voltages is always beneficial.

Supported Outlets:

In addition to a supported voltage range, the circuit breaker finder must support the outlets in your home.
Fortunately, all of the finest circuit finders listed here support GFCI outlets, which are the most often used outlets for electric circuits, resulting in excellent compatibility.

Controls & Indicators:

You also need the correct controls and indicators to get the most out of a highly compatible and adaptable circuit breaker finder. This contains three indicator lights, a power switch, and, in certain cases, a sensitivity slider.

Even though these are some of the most crucial considerations, there is much more to think about when purchasing a circuit breaker finder. As a result, all of the finest circuit breaker finders listed here have all of their key features and options outlined right next to them.

Furthermore, you can discover a thorough “Buying Guide” and a few typical FAQs regarding the finest circuit breaker finders on this page so that you can simply choose the best one.

Best Circuit Breaker Finder 2023

Klein Tools Circuit Breaker Finder
  • Supports a voltage range of 90 to 120 volts
  • Works perfectly with GFCI outlets for testing
  • Weighs in at 7.2 ounces in total
  • Comes with 3 LED indicators and a power switch
  • Backed by a 1-year long warranty for your peace of mind
Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder
  • Quickly locate 110V to 125VAC Circuit Breakers and Fuses
  • Variable Sensitivity adjustment to pinpoint the correct circuit breaker
  • Bright Red and Green LEDs indicate if the receptacle is correctly wired or if six fault conditions
  • Push button GFCI test
  • Audible and visual circuit breaker indication
Sperry Instruments Circuit Breaker Finder
  • Supports a voltage range of 80 to 140 volts
  • Works perfectly with GFCI outlets for testing
  • Weighs in at 8 ounces in total
  • Comes with 1 LED indicator and a power switch
  • Backed by a 1-year long warranty for your peace of mind