Best 4 Channel Amp for Car Reviews and Guide


You’ll need to combine a few essential elements that are necessary for the greatest music reproduction in order to achieve the best audio experience possible in your car. A separate amplifier is one of these parts, and it will aid your speakers in producing the greatest sound possible. You’ll have the most versatility, power, and floor-rattling bass capabilities with a 4 channel amp for car.

The capability of bridging channels is one of a four-channel amplifier’s key benefits. You have the option of having up to eight speakers if you connect two speakers to each channel. As an alternative, you can increase the power of your subwoofers by bridging two channels.

It can be challenging to find the ideal amp to realize your dreams of bass that shatter windows. You might just want to stick with your stock car sound after hearing terms like “high-pass crossover” and “ohms.”

We have you covered, so disregard the complicated terminology. To assist you in selecting the best four-channel amplifier for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the top models currently on the market. But before making a purchase, be sure to have the following in mind:

Max Power Output:

An amplifier may easily boost the volume of your car’s speakers if you feel they are underwhelming and muffled. You may do this by looking at the amplifier’s maximum power output because the greater the sound quality, the more power the amplifier can produce.


Knowing what kind of speakers are installed in your automobile is necessary to ensure that you are purchasing the appropriate amplifier for it. Almost any amplifier can handle the 4 Ohm speakers that are used in the majority of automobiles. Make sure the amp also supports 2 Ohm impedance if you also wish to use a subwoofer system, which often has 2 Ohm components.

Frequency Response:

The frequency response is yet another factor that might assist you in choosing a decent amplifier for your car’s audio system. A broader soundstage that clearly encloses both the high-end and low-end sounds will be available to you if the amplifier covers a wider range of frequencies.

We have already included a thorough shopping guide for you on this page if you want to learn more about 4-channel amplifiers. Therefore, reading the “Buying Guide” could be helpful for you to choose the top 4 channel amp from the list if you’re buying such a thing for the first time or haven’t done so in a while. In the meantime, let’s look at the list and quickly go through each amp’s features.

Best 4 Channel Amp for Car of 2023

Pyle Hydra Marine 4 channel amp
  • Max Power output is 400 Watts
  • Delivers 100 watts of power per channel at 4 ohm
  • Has IP01 Waterproof rating
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Rockville dB45 4 Channel Amp for Car
  • Affordable
  • High power output
  • MOSFET power supply
Taramps 4 Channel Amp for Car
  • Max Power output is 1600 Watts
  • Delivers 100 Watts RMS power per channel at 2 ohm
  • Delivers 62 Watts RMS power per channel at 4 ohm
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Blaupunkt Amplifier
  • Max Power output is 1600 Watts
  • Delivers 79 Watts RMS power per channel at 2 ohm
  • Delivers 55 Watts RMS power per channel at 4 ohm
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Planet Car Amplifier
  • Max Power output is 2400 Watts
  • Delivers 600 watts of power per channel at 2 ohm
  • Delivers 300 watts of power per channel at 4 ohms
  • Comes with a 6-year warranty
Rockford Amplifier
  • Max Power output is 2000 Watts
  • Delivers 155 Watts RMS power per channel at 2 ohm
  • Delivers 75 Watts RMS power per channel at 4 ohm
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Alpine 4 Channel Digital Amplifier
  • Max Power output is 640 Watts
  • Delivers 80 Watts RMS power per channel at 2 ohm
  • Delivers 55 Watts RMS power per channel at 4 ohm
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Pyle Hydra Marine 4 Channel Amp for Car

If you’re primarily searching for a 4-channel amp to install on a boat or yacht, you should start by looking into the Pyle Hydra Marine Amplifier, which is the first amp on this list.

There are no issues with the construction quality because the amp is not at all pricey and is constructed entirely of high-grade components. It includes simple-to-use RCA stereo connectors at the back to make it easier for users to attach it with their speaker sets. You can also connect them using the high-level terminal units if your receiver does not support RCA connections.

In terms of performance, this four-channel amplifier is fairly potent and provides approximately 100 Watts of power for each channel, resulting in a maximum power output of 400 Watts. Additionally, you can simply use 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers with this amp thanks to the dual-adjustable input gain settings.

In addition, this amplifier has an IP01 waterproof classification, indicating that it is undoubtedly made for boats. If you’re worried about the guarantee, you should know that Pyle Hydra, a well-known manufacturer, provides a 1-year warranty for this 4-channel amplifier.


  • Superb build quality
  • Compact size
  • Brilliant sound quality


  • Does not support 2-ohm speakers

Rockville dB45 4 Channel Amp for Car

There is no denying the strength of this Rockville dB45. It is a 3,200-watt, earth-shattering A/B class amplifier. It has a channel RMS rating of 270 watts at 4 ohms and a mind-blowing 400 watts at 2 ohms. Additionally, it features an adjustable 12dB crossover, a MOSFET power supply, and bass equalization.

The amp might be challenging to set up and has poor-quality screws that easily strip. These drawbacks come with all this power. It also has a reputation for overheating quickly, with some users reporting that it becomes too hot to handle. It will frequently cut out as a result of this.


  • Affordable
  • High power output
  • MOSFET power supply


  • Overheating issues

Taramps 4 Channel Amp for Car

This 4-channel amp from Taramp is undoubtedly one of the greatest options you may choose because Taramp is one of the most well-known companies that sell such high-quality equipment.

The RCA stereo connectors provided make it much simpler to connect and integrate into any car’s audio system, making the installation process for this 4-channel amp relatively straightforward. In addition, this amplifier’s small size makes it simple to install and conceal. In terms of performance, the amp is one of the more potent choices on this list with a total power output of roughly 1600 Watts.

400 Watts per channel are shared by all 4 channels. It can provide an impressive 252W RMS output (62W x 4) at the 4-ohm impedance and up to 400W RMS output (100W x 4) at 2-ohm impedance. Additionally, the amp’s frequency response ranges from 18Hz to 30kHz, which makes a significant improvement in the sound quality and can be heard immediately after installation. Regarding the warranty, Taramp gives this 4-channel amp a 1-year warranty.


  • Highly compact
  • Affordable pricing
  • Power output is good


  • Not ideal for 8-ohm speakers

Blaupunkt Amplifier

Next, Blaupunkt has one of the best selections for you to check out if you’re looking for a strong 4-channel amp for your automobile.

Its small size makes it one of the top solutions to take into consideration. Because it doesn’t take up much space in your automobile, installing this 4 channel is a pretty simple result. When it comes to performance, this amplifier has a maximum of 4 channels and a maximum power output of 1600 Watts split among those channels.

The RMS power output per channel is 55W at the 4-ohm impedance and 79W at the 2-ohm impedance because it supports both 2-ohm and 4-ohm speakers. This four-channel amplifier’s wide frequency response range of 10Hz to 30kHz, which it delivers, significantly enhances the sound quality of your car’s original speakers. You will also get a warranty card with the amplifier that details its one-year warranty.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to install
  • The frequency response is fantastic


  • Average build quality

Planet Car Amplifier

Speaking of amplifiers, the Planet Audio PL2400.4 4 Channel Car Amplifier is one of the most expensive and potent choices on this list and shouldn’t be overlooked.

This 4-channel amp is unquestionably among the best in its class, as is the brand. You’ll be astounded to learn that this 4-channel amplifier has a maximum power output of 2400 Watts, allowing you to experience a highly clear and expansive soundstage directly from the speakers in your automobile. The factory speakers in your car won’t do the performance of such a potent amplifier pure justice, so you should prepare to purchase new ones as soon as you make the investment.

The maximum power output at 4 ohm reaches roughly 300W for each channel, which is rather respectable considering that it draws about 600W max power per channel with a 2-ohm setup. In addition, there are many helpful adjustment functions available, such as Low and High-Level Inputs, Variable Filter, Variable Bass Boost, etc. Given its reputation as one of the top companies, Planet Audio provides an incredible 6-year warranty for this 4-channel amplifier.


  • Brilliant power output
  • Amazing performance
  • Comes with plenty of useful adjustment features


  • A little costly

Rockford Amplifier

Rockford is the finest brand to choose an amplifier for your car in this situation if you are genuinely committed to enhancing the sound system in your vehicle and want to install a high-end and potent amplifier along with a new set of speakers.

As one of the most potent amplifiers on this list, the Rockford Fosgate R2-500X4 is a favorite of ours. The maximum power output of this amplifier, as suggested by its name, is around 2000 Watts, easily outperforming the majority of the other selections on this list. This amp is able to evenly distribute power across all channels and produces a fantastic output through the speakers because of Class D technology.

This amplifier produces 75 Watts x 4 power output at 4 ohms and 155 Watts x 4 power output at 2 ohms, so you may use it with any setup you like. The power output at 4 ohms can go up to 250 Watts x 2 if you choose to set up a bridged connection, on the other hand. Speaking of additional features, it also has 12 dB/octave completely adjustable high and low pass Butterworth crossovers. If the warranty is anything you’re worried about, it does include a 1-year warranty as well.


  • Premium build quality
  • Power delivery is good
  • Great for 2 ohm and 4-ohm setups


  • Not compatible with 8 ohm

Alpine 4 Channel Digital Amplifier

Next, we have another high-end amplifier option from Alpine, which is renowned for producing amplifiers of the highest caliber, both in terms of performance and build quality.

Because it is specifically made for 2-ohm speaker setups, the Alpine S-A32F S Series 4 Channel Digital Amplifier is a fantastic choice for individuals who use them in their vehicles. Yes, it can function on a 4-ohm impedance as well, however, the power will suffer a little in that case. This amplifier can produce 640 Watts of maximum power, which is split between channels at the 2-ohm impedance and 4-ohm impedance, respectively, with 80 Watts RMS per channel and 55 Watts RMS per channel.

The sound quality you can obtain from this amplifier will be great in both scenarios, but for 2-ohm configurations, it will just astound you. Having this amplifier installed in your automobile makes it much simpler to listen to your preferred quality of music because it includes configurable low-pass and high-pass filters as well as an adjustable bass boost. Additionally, this amplifier comes with a 1-year warranty, which makes it an excellent choice.


  • Minimal and elegant design
  • Easy installation
  • Variable low-pass filters and high-pass filters


  • A little pricey

Buying Guide for the Best 4 Channel Amp for Car

An amplifier is absolutely necessary whether you plan to upgrade the default audio system in your car or just want to make it sound better. A 4-channel amp will be the greatest option for you because it allows you to easily connect all of your car’s speakers, including the subwoofers, if you have any, as cars often come with two front speakers and two back speakers.

Having said that, we have already given you some of the top 4 channel amp choices in the list above, so pick whichever you want. However, you must read this section through to the finish if you are having trouble choosing the best option. We’ll be outlining the key points for you to think about before purchasing a brand-new 4-channel amp for your automobile in this straightforward buying guide. So let’s get started without further ado.

Form Factor

First of all, keep in mind that cars have quite limited room whenever you choose an amplifier to install in your vehicle. To make it easier for you to fit the amplifier in your automobile, it should be a small amplifier.

The optimum location, where the amplifier stays nearly undetectable and even the wiring may be neatly covered, is usually behind the seat or behind the dash. Make sure your automobile has enough capacity for the bigger models if you decide to purchase them. Otherwise, if your amplifier is not installed correctly in the automobile, it could become damaged.

Max Power Output

The fact that the factory speakers can’t provide as much volume as desired is the main reason why individuals opt to install amplifiers. So, if you enjoy loud music as well, be sure to verify the amplifier’s maximum power output capability.

Although the performance of the speaker changes noticeably with even a 100 Watt change in output after installing the amplifier. But for added comfort, it’s always a good idea to leave some headroom. However, the stronger amplifiers, such as those with 1000W, 2000W, etc., are quite good and offer a considerably higher level of sound quality as well as a wider soundstage.


Impedance should be checked with the power output when purchasing a new amplifier. Depending on the impedance of the speakers you’re using, the majority of amplifiers offer varying power output. For instance, if you use speakers with a resistance of 2 Ohms instead of 4 Ohms, the amplifier will be able to extract more power.

To choose an amplifier that will support your speaker system, make sure to compare these numbers before making a purchase. A 4 Ohm amp won’t be the best solution if you’re using a speaker with an 8 Ohm impedance because you’ll need to wire it in parallel. If you don’t have the correct amplifier, it will be difficult to use your 8 Ohm speaker to its full capacity because it will eventually become a 4 Ohm speaker.

Frequency Response

The frequency response of an amplifier is yet another factor that can be used to assess its quality. The fact that factory radio systems typically have poor frequency response is a major factor in why they sound so flat.

The majority of amplifier systems, however, are able to create a far larger range of frequencies, which can make the speakers bring out more details in the music. This means that an amplifier can help you fix the problem. Therefore, you must examine the frequency response since the more the frequency range that your amplifier covers, the better the sound quality.


Is this amplifier installation a simple or difficult process? Before buying, inspect it. To rule out any problems that could harm the car or the radio, it is advised that the installation of the 4-channel car amp be examined by an expert.

Your car amplifier could overheat or make your vehicle’s electrical system extremely unstable if the installation is not done correctly.


Can it be bridged or not? Examine the bridging procedure. The signal is connected to the amplifier by bridging to the amp. This guarantees that the speakers are attached to the electronic gadgets.


To ensure the proper flow of signals, it is crucial to check your crossovers with a 4-channel automobile amplifier. If not, you risk harming your speakers and other technology.

A crossover is a filter that divides the sound’s frequencies. You can choose which frequencies will be delivered to which channels using this. Importantly, a Multi-Channel Amplifier requires a crossover.

A/B Class and D class

To purchase a 4-channel automobile amp, you need to consider both the A/B class and the D class. Before purchasing a car amplifier, it’s critical to consider the AB, C, and D classes. Although the C-class car amplifier is less expensive than the AB class, it performs quite poorly. For automotive audio systems, class AB, BR, and D amplifiers are recommended.


Last but not least, we constantly advise our readers to only choose reputed companies because they provide excellent after-sales services. We don’t want you to experience calls being continuously put on hold by customer support representatives.

It’s crucial that you always choose products from companies that provide respectable warranties and care about their clients. It is better to get a 4-channel amp from our list than from any other source because the majority of the selections include at least a 1-year warranty.

FAQs about 4 Channel Amps

What Is A 4-Channel Amp?

The typical 12V voltage is increased by the amplifier so that the speakers, tweeters, and subwoofers may perform at their best. The 4-channel amplifier, as its name suggests, contains 4 amplification channels. One amp, for instance, can power up to two front speakers and two rear speakers.

Many companies offer bridging options in addition to powering 4 speakers, allowing you to include a subwoofer in the mix. The system you use determines everything. In either case, if you wish to power numerous speakers, the 4-channel amplifier is the ideal choice.

The key benefit of choosing these over alternatives is that you will get a wide variety of sounds. You can uncover the ideal mids and highs in your favorite tunes with the correct four-channel amp, and this is what you want to happen.

The best part is that your speakers deliver excellent sound and are reasonably priced.

Which car amplifier is best?

When choosing a car amplifier, a mono amplifier is typically the best choice. A mono amplifier can drive a subwoofer, two speakers, or both simultaneously.
The Crunch PX1000.4, which has a peak power of 1000 watts, is the greatest four-channel automobile amplifier. To ensure that your speakers are constantly operating at their best, it contains a feature that lets you change the gain in accordance with the level of your music.

4 Channel Amp vs 2-Channel Amp what’s the difference?

The bigger sibling of the 2-channel amplifier is the 4-channel amplifier. The 4-channel amp has four channels of amplification as opposed to the 2-channel amp’s two.

What is superior? Depending on the system you’re using. A four-channel amp would be your best option if you have more than two speakers. The 4-channel option would again be the ideal choice if you just have two and intend to upgrade soon because, if you choose a bridgeable amplifier, you have a wide range of connection possibilities.

Generally speaking, 4 Channel amps are substantially more compact than 2 Channel ones. Two additional channels have to be squeezed in. In case you were wondering, they didn’t just slap two control boards together; instead, they went above and beyond and had it completely redesigned.

You can even power anything from 2 to 6 speakers with the right choices. See what I mean when I say “saving money”?

Why should I choose a four-channel amp?

Amplifiers with four channels offer certain special benefits. First of all, if you intend to upgrade in the future, they offer a lot of potential. Additionally, they are compact, so you can fit them in pretty much any place. We’ll talk more about this later.

How many watts of amplifiers do I need?

Using the conversion table, you may determine the recommended amplifier power for your vehicle. Watts are a common unit of measurement for an amplifier’s power rating. It gauges how much power the amplifier is able to generate.
The strength of an amplifier is determined by the user’s audio requirements. The amplifier power for compact systems is roughly 360 watts. The output can reach over 3200 watts for large installations.

How many speakers can we connect to a 4 channel amp?

Given that a single channel may accommodate more than one speaker, a four-channel amp is a good option for connecting up to eight speakers. To get the finest sounding experience, it’s usually preferable to use just one speaker per channel if you want to get the most power out of the amp for your speakers. It is always preferred not to use more than 4 speakers with a 4 channel amp because connecting more than one speaker would need you to make the connections in parallel, which will eventually affect the power output of the amp.

How to find an amp suitable for a subwoofer?

Depending on the subwoofer you’re using, yes. Different types of speakers and subwoofers can be connected to amplifiers because they often have varied impedances. However, you need to be more exact when using single-voice coil subwoofers. A 2-ohm amplifier channel is the only one that may be used with a 2-ohm SVC subwoofer. The same is true for a 4-ohm SVC subwoofer, which only performs well when connected to a 4-ohm channel. So. Before purchasing such equipment, it is always preferable to get professional advice.


Almost all of the top 4 channel amplifiers that are now on the market and have the ability to be placed in your automobile to significantly boost the audio system have been covered in this article. Having stated that, we hope you have already researched all your options and decided on one for your vehicle. If you’re having trouble deciding, read the buying guide and use it as guidance to pick the best 4-channel amp for your car.

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