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5 Best PS5 Cooling Stand Reviews

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has taken the gaming world by storm since its release, captivating players with its cutting-edge technology and immersive gaming experiences. However, the high-performance capabilities of the PS5 can lead to increased heat generation during extended gaming sessions, potentially affecting its performance and longevity. To combat this issue, gaming enthusiasts have turned to a crucial accessory: the PS5 Cooling Stand. In this article, we will talk about the best ps5 cooling stand.

Designed specifically for the PS5 console, the cooling stand serves as a practical solution to manage heat dissipation and maintain optimal performance. Let’s delve into the features, benefits, and reasons why this accessory has become an essential addition for passionate gamers.

1. Enhanced Cooling System: The primary function of the cooling stand is to effectively dissipate heat generated by the PS5. It comes equipped with additional fans or cooling mechanisms strategically placed to improve airflow around the console. By providing better ventilation and preventing overheating, it helps maintain the PS5’s peak performance for extended gaming sessions.

2. Dual-Purpose Design: Besides its cooling functionality, the stand often serves a dual purpose, offering additional features and benefits. Many cooling stands include built-in charging docks for controllers, providing a convenient way to charge your gaming peripherals while not in use. Some models also offer extra USB ports, allowing users to connect more devices to their console without hassle.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: The cooling stands are designed to complement the sleek aesthetics of the PS5. Crafted with attention to detail, these accessories blend seamlessly with the console’s design, elevating the overall visual appeal of your gaming setup. Whether it’s a vertical or horizontal stand, manufacturers often prioritize aesthetics to enhance the gaming experience.

4. Improved Stability: Beyond its cooling and aesthetic benefits, the stand offers improved stability for the PS5. It minimizes the risk of accidental tipping or damage to the console, ensuring a secure base for your valuable gaming hardware.

5. Easy Installation and Usage: Installing the cooling stand is a hassle-free process, usually requiring no technical expertise. Most stands are designed for effortless setup – simply snap the PS5 into place and enjoy the benefits of improved cooling and added functionality immediately.

6. Noise Reduction: Some cooling stands are engineered not only to dissipate heat but also to reduce noise generated by the console’s internal fans. By incorporating quieter cooling mechanisms, they contribute to a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience.

7. Long-Term Investment: Investing in a cooling stand is a proactive measure to safeguard your PS5. By maintaining optimal operating temperatures, the stand helps prolong the lifespan of your console, ensuring you can enjoy your gaming adventures for years to come.

5 Best PS5 Cooling Stand

OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand
OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand
  • With three more 2.0 USB hubs, type C charging connections, and a strong 1.63-inch expanded turbo to boost cooling efficiency, the PS5 cooling stand has been improved. This makes it easier for gamers to charge four devices at once.
  • Refuel two PS5 dualsense controllers simultaneously using a charging cord in less than two hours by using the Playstation 5 charging station
  • The PS5 charging station features two PS5 chargers, effective cooling fans, three 2.0 USB ports, one type-C port, and charging indications with RGB LEDs
  • The PS5 Controller Charging Dock Station protects your PS5 Controller batteries against overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, and short circuit situations.
  • There are three movable settings on the PS5 cooling fan: Moderate/Strong/Normal
  • A PS5 controller charging station can charge two PS5 Dualsense controllers to full capacity in three hours at the same time
  • Playstation 5 stands and accessories are fully compatible with Digital and Disc Edition consoles as well as the Playstation 5 Dualsense controller
  • In addition to meeting your needs, four Type C charging dongles shield the controller case from dings.
CYKOARMOR PS5 Cooling Stand
CYKOARMOR PS5 Cooling Stand
  • Hold the PlayStation 5 headset, dual controller, media remote, and system all on one stand.
  • The additional three USB hubs on the dock are useful for gamers who have a variety of gaming accessories, such as wire controllers, wireless headsets, and external storage. This means they don’t have to take down their current setup to use the cooling stand.
  • In addition to eliminating a cluttered gaming space and providing a location to dock and charge two controllers simultaneously—which can be fully charged from empty to full in three hours—the wireless PS5 charger station offers two stations for charging dualsense controllers concurrently, eliminating the need for extra charging cables.
KIWIHOME PS5 Cooling Stand
KIWIHOME PS5 Cooling Stand
  • Not for the PS5 Slim, but rather for PS5 disc and digital editions
  • Eight gorgeous RGB lighting effects will completely change the way you play games. These effects include a captivating multicolor cycle mode and seven distinct breathing modes in the colors red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple
  • With our Dual 3500 RPM suction cooling fans, you can effectively force hot air out of the sides and bottom to avoid overheating after a strenuous gaming session and stay cool and focused
YUANHOT PS5 Cooling Stand
YUANHOT PS5 Cooling Stand
  • One-Stop Shop: Organize your games, wireless controllers, and console; Additionally, it cools your console and charges your controllers
  • Design to Save Space: By arranging the accessories vertically, the stand reduces the amount of space that they occupy and maintains a tidy gaming area. Retractable game storage means you can put an end to a disorganized desktop
  • Compatibility: Disc and Digatil Edition are compatible with the vertical stand. It is advised to utilize a 5V/1.5-2A power source to supply enough current. (Note: The games, controllers, or console are not included)

OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand

We immediately think of the OVIO PS5 cooling stand when considering a multipurpose design. Outstanding performance is provided by the twin PS5 controller charger and the highly effective cooling fans. It also comes with two USB ports, a two-in-one USB-C cable, and LED charging indications that will always remind you when you need to charge.

The 12 PS5 game holders and screw storage additionally guarantee comfort and convenience while keeping the PlayStation looking nice and organized. Because of its vertical configuration, this one-piece charging and cooling station can save a lot of room. Its air outlet is located on the PS5 console base, which makes it extremely effective at removing heat from the PS5.

It can meet the cooling needs with a faster fan and a metal base. In addition, the best feature is the quiet operation that doesn’t bother you. The fan speed is indicated by the presence of unique LED indicators. The dual controllers require two and a half hours to fully charge.

Because it has been carefully constructed, you can feel secure about its safety. It has safeguards against overcharging, overvoltage, overheating, and short circuits. It comes with an auto-protective chip that cuts off charging when the battery reaches 70%.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Variable fan speeds
  • Small-scale layout
  • Quick charging


  • Makes a bit of noise


Two 2800 RPM cooling fans are included with the EXTREMECOOL PS5 Stand. It effectively dissipates heat thanks to its vertical form, which draws hot air out from the bottom. Additionally, it doesn’t produce a lot of noise and improves your gaming experience by keeping your system from overheating. You may now play on your PS5 day or night without getting too heated. You can manually turn on and off the fan if you’d like.

It just takes 3.5 to 4 hours for the PS5 charging station to fully charge two PS5 controllers. To find out the status, just glance at the LED indicators that come with the system. Use the quick AC adaptor (5V/2A). This cooling stand charges quickly to provide optimal performance. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about overheating because the controller dock automatically disconnects after it has reached full charge.

It comes with four magnetic dongles that you just slot into the controllers’ charging ports. The accessories will begin charging instantaneously. Other than that, the PS5 console can be mounted firmly on the base stand. All you have to do is tighten it using the lock screw. It will shield you from harm or mishaps.

Its high-end clever chip makes sure that charging is done safely. It also features three extra USB connections, allowing you to charge many devices at once. The fan’s elegant design helps maintain organization.


  • It is incredibly silent.
  • It’s a really elegant design.
  • nstalling is not that difficult.


  • The USB ports on the front of the stand were disliked by several customers.

CYKOARMOR PS5 Cooling Stand

The CYKOARMOR PS5 Stand and Cooling Station is a fantastic option for a PS5. It is an all-in-one package that includes a media remote, twin PS5 controller, and other accessories. There is plenty of storage on this awesome PS5 cooling stand to keep all the accessories tidy. It might also make the ideal foundation stand for a Sony representative.

With three more USB hubs available, gamers may find it easier to charge various accessories at the same time. Should you require the controllers, head, or storage, the extra USB port can be a godsend.

Additionally, it has three adjustable fan levels that may be changed to suit varied demands. The console is incredibly efficient at dissipating heat because to the thoughtful design of the vents underneath. It features two PS5 controller recharge ports. As a result, charging both at once is now feasible.

The console has enough storage to accommodate everything, so you won’t have to struggle with cluttered tables any more. In three hours, the controllers are fully charged. It also comes with safety screws that are compatible with the console and a unique digital strip. It creates a safe and well-balanced gaming station.

When the cooling stand reaches 70% of the charge, the tested smart chips cut the power. It can keep the battery healthy and long-lasting.


  • incredibly simple to set up.
  • The fans are not making much noise.
  • It is built solidly.


  • Charging indicators do not change colors after a few months.

KIWIHOME PS5 Cooling Stand

Do you want to own some technology that seems like it belongs in the future? You can be sure that the Kiwihome PS5 vertical stand will meet your needs. It has a suction cooler built into the design so that it can double as an exhaust to remove as much heat as possible from the console.

The cooler features adjustable speeds, and its fans can operate at up to 3500 RPM while producing minimal noise. Additionally, a charging station for the DualSense PS5 controllers is included with the Kiwihome PS5 stand. The controllers may be mounted on either of the two charging stations, and because the stand provides rapid charging, both controllers can be charged in three hours.

On the front of the stand are three more USB connections that can easily accommodate a headphone and more DualSense controllers. Once more, the Kiwihome PS5 vertical stand’s clever design allows it to work with both the PlayStation 5’s disc and digital versions.

A second plastic strip that guarantees correct console attachment is provided in the package for the Digital edition. Additionally, the stand’s color combination complements the PlayStation 5’s color scheme flawlessly, so if you like simple, elegant setups, this one is sure to please.

Additionally, by adding RGB lights, you may customize the setup and give a pleasant atmosphere to your gaming sessions. Yes, you can choose from a variety of RGB lighting configurations.

If you’re looking for a stylish console stand, the Kiwihome PS5 vertical stand is a great option because of its low pricing. It not only makes the console look better and keeps it from toppling over, but it also makes the console perform better thermally.


  • Technology of suction cooling
  • Rapid charging
  • Chic, futuristic style


  • Quite pricey

YUANHOT PS5 Cooling Stand

The design of the YUANHOT Vertical Cooling Stand is integrated into one unit. Having the games, wireless controllers, and system all in one location is helpful. It ensures that the console’s heat is quickly dissipated and charges the controllers.

It has the ability to swiftly charge two controllers at once. When not in use, they can be stored as well. To find out the charge state in the console, just follow the LED indicators. In this manner, you can maintain the area organized and save a lot of time.

The console has two high-speed cooling fans that are more efficient. It makes less noise than normal as well. Because of the air intake portions on both the top and bottom of the design, heat dissipation from the bottom is extremely effective. It guarantees the console’s lifespan and operational functionality.

The vertical cooling stand’s design reduces the amount of room required for its accessories. A neat and orderly gaming space is guaranteed by vertical placement. To provide enough current, using a 5V/1.5-2A power source is generally advised. Three USB ports and fourteen game slots allow you to play without scuppering the entire gaming space.


  • It has a strong stand included.
  • When they act, fans have great power.
  • It’s incredibly simple to set up the cooling stand.
  • There is little noise produced by fans.


  • Some users faced problems with the cooling dock power cord.

5 Best PS5 Cooling Stand Buying Guide

When looking for a cooling stand for your PS5, consider the following factors to ensure you get the best one:


Ensure the cooling stand is designed specifically for the PS5. It should have a form factor that fits the console well without blocking any ports or vents.

Cooling Mechanism:

Look for stands equipped with cooling fans. These fans can help dissipate heat and maintain a stable temperature during extended gaming sessions. Adjustable fan speeds can be beneficial for controlling the cooling intensity.

Build Quality:

Choose a stand made of durable materials that can effectively support the weight of the PS5. This will ensure stability and prevent any potential damage to your console.

Additional Features:

Some stands come with extra USB ports for charging controllers or connecting other devices. Consider these additional features based on your needs.

Noise Level:

Check reviews or specifications to ensure that the cooling stand’s fans operate quietly. You don’t want loud fan noise to interfere with your gaming experience.

Aesthetics and Design:

If the appearance matters to you, choose a stand that matches the style of your gaming setup. Some stands offer LED lighting or other visual enhancements.

Price and Reviews:

Compare prices and read user reviews to get an idea of the stand’s performance, durability, and any potential issues before making a purchase.

Warranty and Customer Support:

Look for stands that offer a warranty or good customer support in case you encounter any problems with the product.

Installation and Stability:

Ensure the stand is easy to install and provides a stable base for the PS5. It should securely hold the console in place to prevent accidental falls or movement.

Size and Space:

Consider the space available in your gaming setup. Ensure the stand’s size fits well within your gaming area without being too bulky or obstructive.


What is a PS5 cooling stand?

A PS5 cooling stand is an accessory designed to help dissipate heat from the PlayStation 5 console. It typically includes fans and additional cooling mechanisms to prevent the console from overheating during extended gaming sessions.

Do I need a cooling stand for my PS5?

The PS5 is designed with an internal cooling system to regulate its temperature. While a cooling stand isn’t mandatory, it can provide additional cooling and airflow, especially if you frequently play demanding games or use the console for long periods.

How does a PS5 cooling stand work?

Cooling stands usually come with built-in fans that help to draw heat away from the console. They also offer better ventilation by elevating the console, allowing air to circulate more freely.

Are cooling stands safe for the PS5?

Cooling stands designed specifically for the PS5 are generally safe to use as long as they are of good quality and are installed correctly. Poorly designed or incompatible cooling stands might interfere with the console’s functionality or cause damage, so it’s essential to choose a reputable product.

Will using a cooling stand void the PS5 warranty?

Using a cooling stand that is specifically made for the PS5 and doesn’t interfere with the console’s operation shouldn’t void the warranty. However, using an unauthorized or incompatible cooling stand that damages the console might impact the warranty coverage.

Do cooling stands make a significant difference in temperature reduction?

Cooling stands can help in reducing the temperature of the PS5 to some extent, especially during intense gaming sessions. However, their effectiveness may vary based on the quality of the stand and the environmental conditions where the console is used.

How do I choose the right cooling stand for my PS5?

Consider factors like compatibility, build quality, fan noise, additional features (such as charging docks for controllers), and user reviews when choosing a cooling stand for your PS5. Ensure it’s designed specifically for the PS5 to ensure a proper fit.

Can a cooling stand cause any damage to the PS5?

Using a cooling stand that is poorly designed or doesn’t fit properly could potentially cause damage to the PS5, such as blocking vents or interfering with the console’s airflow. It’s crucial to choose a stand that is specifically made for the PS5 and install it correctly to avoid any damage.


In conclusion, the PS5 Cooling Stand stands out as a valuable accessory for gamers seeking to optimize their gaming setup. Its ability to efficiently manage heat, enhance functionality, improve aesthetics, and provide stability makes it a must-have for any PS5 enthusiast. As gaming continues to evolve, investing in accessories like the cooling stand ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience.

Remember, while a cooling stand is an excellent addition, it’s crucial to choose one from reputable manufacturers to ensure compatibility and reliability with your PS5 console. With the right cooling stand, you can elevate your gaming experience while safeguarding your prized gaming hardware.

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